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Central line invests beautiful to taste

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Too convert share (600281 prices, data, comment, search) it is one of companies of country's biggest production of coal chemical industry, as project of capital of early days collect fulfil enlarge to produce, at present company outstanding achievement is lying erupt in type growth, premonitory already this year 1 - outstanding achievement grew 50 % above compared to the same period September.

The most notable is, the company released announcement to say recently, draft 60 million to be not open hair to go, invest 50 thousand tons of second 2 acerbity projects. After building, predict to be able to achieve sales revenue every year 800 million multivariate, profit tax 330 million multivariate. Additional, 300 thousand tons of the company / year crude benzole hydrogenation is purificatory 2 period 120 thousand tons / year project project also is in fulfil in, after the project is carried out, achieve sales revenue every year 700 million multivariate, implementation profit tax 124 million yuan. Accordingly, too convert share not only at present outstanding achievement grows considerably, point of growth of prospective new profit will be more outstanding, new devoted project but aggregate increase profit tax newly 450 million yuan many, prospective outstanding achievement is had potential cruel add anticipate.

Reason one: 3 quarters outstanding achievement is added beforehand 50% tall grow begin too convert share (600281 prices, data, comment, search) announced on July 23, 2007 half an year signed up for 2007, realize business income 1.501 billion yuan, grow 73% compared to the same period; Net profit 40.01 million yuan, grow 136% compared to the same period; Basic every accrual 0.082 yuan, grow 74% compared to the same period. In half annals the company is announced, too change hydrogenation of share crude benzole project of first phase project last year put into production of building of second half of the year, report period company advocate business Wu adds benzene series product newly. 2007 first half of the year PVC of company dominant product by 80 thousand tons / year enlarge is produced reach 150 thousand tons / year, crop increases 31034 tons, increase income 200 million yuan, increase profit twenty-six million two hundred and ninety-six thousand six hundred yuan; Project of crude benzole hydrogenation builds go into operation, benzene series product increases income 217 million yuan, increase profit twenty-four million six hundred and eight thousand seven hundred yuan; Value of market of caustic soda product reports period inside relatively go up growth of year of the corresponding period, wool interest rate grows. At the same time and announcement predicts the accumulative total of 1-9 month is net 2007 profit and go up photograph of year of the corresponding period than amplitude 50% above! Outstanding achievement is the cornerstone of a dark horse, in at present the market advocates value invests period, elephant too the low that changes share to make clear prospective outstanding achievement to will grow considerably so, had had an ox go qualitative. Outstanding achievement is high the beginning that grow supports effectively naturally share price further upward.

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