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Ba Sifu will expand in the crop of the car activator of China and India and abil

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According to the report, ba Sifu of enterprise of German chemical industry (BASF) week announces, will enlarge its to be in China Shanghai and Indian admire Nai (the car activator of Chennai) is produced can, among them, the yield of Shanghai factory can will enlarge nearly one times, of admire Nai factory produce can will expand double, with satisfying the client demand that increases ceaselessly in the near future.

Ba Sifu says, in in imprint increasing investment is his 110 million euro (add up to 149 million dollar about) the one share that new investment plans. Produce besides what enlarge him factory can, ba Sifu still bought American activator to produce business Engelhard with 4.8 billion dollar last year.

Car tail gas purifies polyurethane activator is to control car tail gas to discharge, one of the most significant steps that reduce pollution. Current, imprint in two big rising markets all are driving car tail gas actively to discharge control and international to conform.

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