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Vegetable oil is multivariate mellow senior expert makes an appointment Bo Ao

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PUWORLD (2007/9/3)- - recently, the net has round-the-world polyurethane favour covered research vegetable oil is multivariate mellow senior expert Mr John Mcneill. In interview, mcneill introduced world plant oil to us multivariate mellow phylogeny, and global vegetable oil is at present multivariate mellow market condition, in the meantime, mcneill still attends to was held in Hainan November on invitation " forum of height of 2007 international polyurethane " , publish a name to be on forum " vegetable oil is multivariate grow mellowly with development " report.

John Mcneill, inspector general of polyurethane adviser firm, experience of 35 years is had on polyurethane chemistry industry. His user for world each district made important contribution in respect of polyurethane chemistry and preparation of its finished product. In 35 years of his careers, mcneill once had held the position of chief inspector of development department of sale of technology of manager of Asia-Pacific area technology, international and market chief inspector, product in company of a few chemistry that cross a state. Cooperate with Cargill at present, participate in graduate student content as senior scientist multivariate mellow technology and its application.

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