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The textile of Vietnam and shoe walk on the support that enjoyed a government no

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Ruan Shengxiong of standing Vice Prime Minister approved Vietnam recently the list of 10 companies, admit they regard the drive of economic element as the element.

Spin, dress and shoe walk on the unit in making list, arrive from 2007 2010.

This is Vietnam government is opposite a of textile industry to be driven newly one of. As the one part of effort, the government cut the import tax of sew machinery recently.

According to newest plan, the company in list ought to be promoted in investment, commerce, the respect such as labor ought to enjoy lien. A when just approve according to Vietnam The Ministry of Commerce and Industry Vietnam shoemaking industry to 2010 grows overall planning, this country predicts to will come 2006 investment exceeds 9 during 2010. Aegis of 15 trillion Vietnam (close about 5. 7.2 billion dollar) development shoemaking course of study, include to attract foreign capital among them about 5. Aegis of 6 trillion Vietnam (close about 3. 4.8 billion dollar) .

According to the program, vietnam will encourage investor to participate in investment to produce a shoe kind product and shoemaking course of study former complementary makings, dig the origin of polyurethane of domestic raw material to the greastest extent, preferential development advanced technique produces base, improve crop and quality. In addition, vietnam still plans construction to center an industrial district, attract domestic and international investment, and with the river inside, mid Xian harbor and southern Hu Zhiming city presses an area to expand shoemaking line of business for the center.

The target of this program is the essential industry that makes shoemaking job progress the service consume and be exported at Vietnam home, strive to realized a shoe 2010 kind crop 7. 200 million pairs, realize a shoe kind exit forehead 6.2 billion dollar.

Shoe kind the main export product that the product is Vietnam. Before this year 7 month, vietnam shoe kind the exit forehead of the product approachs 2.4 billion dollar, than last year the corresponding period grows 14. 4 % , european Union, United States and Japan are Vietnam shoe kind the market of 3 big export of the product.

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