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Focusing of all of heat of research and development of our country coating is in

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Industrial coating compared heavy promotion in industry of our country coating 2006, the research and development of industry of our country coating and application will heat up name a person for a particular job to be centered in preservative coating henceforth, roll coating of carpentry of material coating, function coating, coating, ability in swimming this 5 big fields. Attach most importance to a dot with preservative coating especially among them; Preservative coating is epoxy resin fundamental application domain, among them colophony of liquid, solid can part environment of applicable and different application and requirement. Our country already was complete ring country of produce and sale of the biggest epoxy resin, focusing is nodded in heat of coating research and development in the process of anticorrosive domain, be sure to produce main effect, polyurethane and market of our country preservative coating grows with its quality, already made the market that photo corner of contest of famous paint company chases the world.

Preservative coating basically includes metallic construction anticorrosive, marine establishment anticorrosive, shipping and container coating. Market of our country preservative coating already made the market that photo corner of contest of famous paint company chases the world. If Zun Duigong manages the put into production of modern coating manufacturer in Home Zhang harbor, type Ma blocks dragon to establish center of preservative coating research and development in elder brother hill, chemical industry of the besmear in Japan builds 100 thousand tons in Shanghai / year preservative paint shop, academy of Changzhou coating chemical industry is built in sea oil is corroded with defend science and technology of the key laboratory, material that do obeisance to ear, dalian makes rich auspicious, the collective in waiting to be exhibited in ASIACOAT coating appears on card of Hai Hong old person, Akesunuoer, PPG, Xuan Wei, the target was to be certain Chinese market. The nation is additionally large of the project in succession start working, also provided capacious applied stage for preservative coating.

In recent years, colour board applies in our country bldg. sadly arisen, drove the development of a material coating. Material coating coils to ever had appeared to produce previously can superfluous, market low does not have the situation that foreword competes, hotTag develops through the reason later, at present its sales volume already broke through lO10000 ton, strategy of high price for good quality gets the market is agreed with. Among them fluorine carbon coils material coating, tall wear coils material coating, coil from clean sex a material painting with material coating and treatment good performance become heat of research and development, partial breed already formed industrialization production. Our country is being built managing model, the society that person and natural harmony get along, those who have as energy-saving as heat preservation form a complete set outside wall paint and those who have reflection solar energy is lukewarm dominate painting, become gradually grind unplug one of heat; Accept rice is compound the fresh troops that coating is functional sex coating. Among them accept rice is transparent and adiabatic coating is coating of energy-saving environmental protection is new bestow favor on, accept rice is compound inside wall paint is had combat the bacterium, effect that removes peculiar smell and free formaldehyde, be a coating of outfit environmental protection is new article, many enterprises such as Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hubei, Guangdong already patent application fashions industrialized product.

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