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Steely market gets lost fast growth measurable

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Core abstract

2007 is demand of domestic and international steely market " double exuberant " a year, it is steely crop continues fast growth and market value rise to all achieve the history ceaselessly new a tall year, it is our country iron and steel product exit gross achieves the history again new tall cause price of entrance iron ore one year when fast growth and marine Fei Chaochang grow, also be our country steely industry is optimized structure, energy-saving decrease a platoon, raise variety quality standard and economic benefits one year successful.

Current, policy of macroscopical adjusting control shows the country such as exit drawback increasingly effect, difference of price of domestic and international rolled steel is narrow cause exit amplitude fall after a rise, price of our country rolled steel goes situation pull by exit move model drive to cost with each passing day model change. In the meantime, violent wind of raw material price rises aid the price that choose steel to go tall all the way, negotiation of price of together with iron ore is pendent, raw material rises in price still was 2008 the hard injury that steely industry is faced with, the export price advantage of Chinese rolled steel will be increasingly abate.

Standing vice-chairman Luo Bing gives birth to association of Chinese iron and steel industry proposal, chinese iron and steel industry developed 2008 must base oneself upon the demand at satisfying home market. Be opposite as current home market the growth range of crude steel demand is overall show downtrend of year after year, market demand has turned to moderate growth by fast growth. Accordingly, our country iron and steel industry should quicken the pace that optimize and adjusts a structure, build resource managing, environment is friendly model iron and steel industry, implementation is coordinated in the round and can develop continuously.

Number: Produce pass the time in a leisurely way exuberant steel price and company profit go tall continuously

Rolled steel market produces pass the time in a leisurely way exuberant

Current fertility stimulative center calculates the business in occupying, 2007 1~10 month, domestic steel product consumes exponential amplitude not under 25% ; Consumption of apparent of home market crude steel three hundred and sixty million four hundred and ninety thousand tons, grow 12.42% compared to the same period, predict amplitude was 2008 12% the left and right sides.

2007 1 ~ in November, crop of our country crude steel amounts to four hundred and forty-seven million eight hundred and thirty thousand tons, than going up year of the corresponding period increase 64.09 million tons, increase a quantity increase 2.59 million tons compared to the same period; Predict crop of annual crude steel amounted to 490 million tons 2007, than going up year increase 67.4 million tons, grow 16% . The corresponding period, investment of fixed assets of countrywide iron and steel industry appears rebound, finish 224.9 billion yuan in all, grow 15.2% compared to the same period, and annual investment growth was 2006 - 2.5% .

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