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Appearance remembers the polyurethane application in spin domain

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Appearance remembers high polymer material to use physics of contemporary high polymer and high polymer synthesis and modified technology namely, to undertaking molecular combination and modified through using high polymer data. If be opposite polyethylene, polyester, get together the high polymer material such as 2 Xi, polyurethane undertakes different the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem molecular combination and molecular structural adjustment, make they are had at the same time plastic the general character with balata, plastic quality is had inside normal temperature limits, namely stability of rigid, appearance restores a gender, be in at the same time constant temperature (alleged memory temperature) next character that have balata, main show is the alterable form sex of material and appearance to restore a gender, namely the memorial function of material, namely " remember initiative condition → to secure be out of shape → resumes initiative voice " circularly.

Appearance memory polymer has weight light, cost is low, restore temperature to facilitate adjust, easy big, ode describes variable of chromatic, form to wait for an advantage easily. Among them appearance memory polyurethane has producer goods wide, recipe is adjustable memory of big, appearance chooses the sex range is wide, restore temperature to be inside room temperature limits (25-55 ℃ ) wait for an advantage, suit at extruding, inject shapes, coating, cast etc shape craft, can satisfy the need of more circumstance. Additional, it still has distinctive property, like good permeability (can be controlled according to temperature) , aseismatic wait for function, these function and its temperature have very big relevant, make it becomes a possibility in spin industry application.

Appearance memory polyurethane is thermoplastic high polymer material, it is become by the group of high polymer data that has temperature of two kinds of different vitrification embed paragraph of copolymer. 3 kinds of configuration of polymer: Play vitreous condition, high voice and stick sort voice, only its are in when accusing state high, appearance manual is had to remember a function in theoretic ability; Be in glass when polymer voice and stick when sorting voice, impossible generation appearance remembers a function. Crystallization spends tall polymer, because basically show the nature of its crystallization photograph, show its appearance remembers a function impossibly.

Each function is in appearance memory polyurethane area of change of its vitrification temperature has very big change, as a result of its vitrification temperature is inside environmental temperature, accordingly, can use this one function to develop different intelligence material, and have wide applied perspective extremely.

The application of appearance memory function in spin domain is OK the production of silk of restrospect to bounce, the hot contractive property that it uses bounce silk gifts the function with special yarn. Current main application is appearance memorial alloy or optical fiber embed fiber enhances composite material, in order to detects the aseismatic, strain crack of composite material.

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