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Home appliance uses the technology of plastic raw material and its modified

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Sort of electric home appliances

In recent years, because PP has good integral performance, price low, density is small the dosage in wait for the characteristic of the respect and making home appliance grows the fastest and the greatest plastic variety. The Gao Guangze PP that develops in recent years especially is in replaced ABS respect to receive a large number of application. PP basically is used at making bucket of the canister of inside and outside of washing machine, base, dehydrate, cover board in electric home appliances

PS basically was used at making home appliance in the past transparent, now criterion by more using <> as bubble packages data; The door a badder-like inner container that HIPS is used at making refrigerator normally, inside bravery, vegetable box, flesh dish, glacial box, television, computer, recorder, air conditioning implement, the housing of electric home appliances

PVC applies in home appliance not much, it is sealing strip of freezer be usinged as is mixed commonly a few small note model, but alloy of PVC/ABS, PVC/PS because cost is low, can replace ABS and HIPS and be used at the component with the flame retardant requirement such as the bucket inside television carapace, fanner, blower, washing machine, cleaner make.

PE basically is used at making the blame with the not high demand in home appliance get power, , if washing machine is mixed,the ripple of cleaner is in charge of.

The project is used in home appliance plastic in, the dosage of ABS head the list, basically be used at making the liner of freezer, videocorder of television, computer, recording, air conditioning implement, structural member of the housing of small home appliance of etc of musical instrument of cleaner, phone, electron and its interior. Among them, in home appliance transparent and exterior an interior that reachs freezer is transparent be to use transparent ABS to make.

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