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Steel of summit summit Han makes the report of methanol and group of acetic acid

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A few days ago, call together of limited company of cooking of Heibei peak coal is initiated establish plenary session, this indicates province south produces per year a Heibei the first times the group of oversize energy chemical industry of 600 thousand tons of 1 million tons of 5 million tons of coke, methanol, acetic acid is born.
Hejin of company of group of iron and steel of Dan of limited company of this company You Fengfeng group, Han and trading company are collective and contributive establish, hold respectively 65.25% , 28.5% , 6.25% .

Advantage of development of limited company of peak coal cooking is clear: On resource, summit summit group is base of coking coal production, coal is qualitative admirable, have enough raw material; Polyurethane is on traffic, be located in Jin Jilu to pleased 4 provinces have a common boundary, extend in all directions of line of freeway, nation, railroad; On infrastructure, fountainhead, power source can satisfy a project to expand demand. Current, this project already was included me to save ' of industry of dominant of 7 big industry compendium of 915 ' program, it is project of province key construction. The plan invests 16 billion yuan, predict year of sales revenue 20 billion yuan, profit tax 4.5 billion yuan, built go into operation entirely 2010.

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