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Appoint a company to export regulation of valuable goods drawback

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Jade of gold jewelry, gem includes all sorts of gem jade of all sorts of bullion gem headgear and classics excavate, burnish, treatment. Headgear reachs all sorts of bullion silver that bullion gem headgear includes to wait for rich material to reach its to make with gold, silver-colored, lapidary, pearl, diamond, halcyon, coral, agate enchase headgear. Gem jade includes diamond, pearl, Song Shi, green inscriptions, Ou Bo jade of coral of royal seal of stone, olivine, feldspar, jade, quartz, chalcedony, garnet, zircon, pointed spar, topaz, green jade, chrysoberyl, beryl, corundum, amber, polyurethane, coal. Jade of the gold jewelry that narrates here, gem does not include all sorts of man-made gem and its product.

In view of at present gold production segment and import segment are avoided after asking for bank of value added tax, people to match link of carry out gold to execute value added tax to be asked for first, return, the actual condition that gold jewelry machines link to press formulary pay value added tax, via decision of the State Council, since June 20, 2000, stop to carry out " the announcement that bank of people of total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state, China compounds problem of levy of carry out gold about people bank " ([word of 94] wealth tax the 018th) the 4th concerned regulation, impose value added tax to matching the gold of carry out to avoid by international market price, the bank opens value added tax no longer special bill, the part of gold raw material that tastes to exporting gold and exit gold to act the role of gives no longer exit drawback, still deal with drawback what export to already declaring at customs before this by original provision. Produce diddle to export the actual condition of drawback frequently in view of a few valuable goods, cheat duty to prevent this kind of goods to happen again, the valuable goods before the country is reformed to tax system, the product such as skin of jade of the gold jewelry that exports namely, gem, mink, fim, abalone, holothurian, shark's lip, dried scallop, bird's nest, by national tax Wu total bureau, external the firm that dispatch of ministry of economic commerce collaboration appoints management valuable goods exports this kind of goods square but drawback (outside a few enterprises that canal of trade of classics trade department manages separate later development is made clear do not belong to this limits) , blame appoint a firm, although its have exit right of administration, export primary valuable goods to also must not deal with drawback.

Can enjoy drawback company what the country appoints management valuable goods to include: Jade of gold jewelry, gem, appoint company of imports and exports of headgear of jewelry of town of company of imports and exports of handicraft of city of head office of Chinese handicraft imports and exports and its branch company, each province, each province to manage; Mink skin, appoint head office of imports and exports of Chinese earth livestock product and its branch firm, company of imports and exports of livestock product of land of each province city is managed, fim, abalone, holothurian, shark's lip, dried scallop, bird's nest, appoint firm of imports and exports of Chinese food oily food, head office of afore-mentioned each imports and exports reach its branch company, it is to point to head office and the company of directly under branch that its are in Beijing, do not include a setting to be beyond Beijing branch company of the place. (the except that total bureau of national tax Wu has style or manner of writing additionally to set)
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