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Auspicious wild order is bumped finally to sink in Chinese Yellow Sea

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1891, endowment discipline is in hill of birch of Japanese naval chancellery country of formal Xiang Ying puts forward to order in naval and outspread case " Ji Ye " date cruiser. This naval vessel is made by armory of Si Telang of British A Mu, on January 3, 1892 start working, of the same age entered the water on December 20, built on September 30, 1893. "Ji Ye " date cruiser displacement is 4150 tons, waterline is 109.73 meters long, 14.22 meters wide, draft 5.18 meters, board armor is thick 113 millimeter, carry coal 1000 tons, double axis is advanced, speek of a ship or plane 23, endurance 4000 sea mile / 1 polyurethane 0, work out 385 people, it is at that time the naval vessel on the world fast the fastest cruiser, naval vessel jacket has of all kinds gun 40 the door, torpedo tubes 5, among them 152 millimeter " Armstrong " model quick-firer 4 the door, 120 millimeter " Armstrong " model quick-firer quick-firer of 8 the door, 47 millimeter 22. Captain of a naval ship of the first to be appointed to an office is river of Japanese navy big assist to want formerly one.
Escape hard penalty, be buried Yellow Sea
On May 10, 1904, day Russia contends for the war of brigade read smoothly to erupt. Had entered naval battle of Sino-Japanese armour midday at this moment " Ji Ye " date already was in day navy enlist in army 12 years. Because the state of whole naval ships is relatively dated, cannot carry daring vanguard, appropriative leading role again apparently, was made up to enter however defend cruiser battle group, cooperate battleship team to join Russian to brigade read smoothly naval force besiege and block, ground of unknown to public does bit of sundry. Because this paragraph of history that its attend a war finally is little-known.

Be called by Japan in after the event " day of Caesarean and naval disaster " May 15, 1904 in the morning, japan combines a naval force " first otter " , " 8 islands " wait for 5 warships to be outside brigade read smoothly battle array of side lay out, undertake stonk to the Russian warship inside harbor with all gunfire. Midday 1 when, the 5 day naval vessel with block suitable brigade begins to return to base. Return to base they encounter smoother in road, more those who let them did not think of is. In smoother, the warship sails unexpectedly the mine field that entered Muscovite cloth.

Night 22 when 50 minutes, day " first otter " date cruiser touchs thunder explosion above all. Other each naval vessel puts down barge to go in succession rescue naval vessel member, risking danger to " first otter " date is stood by. Before long " 8 islands " date cruiser is in " first otter " date touchs Lei Xian to go up to spark repeatedly two mine, seawater is swarmed into in great quantities. Two day naval vessel lighted conflagration at the same time, the Japanese army on naval vessel is mat.

"Ji Ye " date is in right now around, hear mine to explode extremely alarmed, want to withdraw place of safety as soon as possible in smoother, the result is in what high speed sails " spring day " date cruiser by the waist bumps in in the center of starboard. After blare, "Ji Ye " date starboard appears 10 come the Dakouzi of rice, immediately seawater is swarmed into in great quantities, ship system tilts badly, sank very quickly marine, there are 99 people to be saved to rise by other warship only in on naval vessel 413 officers and soldiers, the others is the same as " Ji Ye " date is heavy the Chinese Yellow Sea that entered it to be invaded for many times

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