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Chemical new material: For the bicycle motion is added wonderful

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Olympic Games field on cycle track field, athlete against time, like greased lightning kind the ground has developed terminus; In racing cycle, they will be continuous fluctuant brae is swung in back; In cross-country contest, they conquered the road surface with bumpy, heavy obstacle... alarmingly dangerous, exciting match lets an audience give out blast blast cheer. Little imagine alone in attractive bicycle race, if do not have from the wheel " arm " the chemical new material of armet of in the end, the wonderful rate of the match can sell at a discount possibly greatly!

Good horse should match good saddle, the match should choose good car of course. Wait for the frame of carbon fiber composite material of colophony preparation by carbon fiber and epoxy resin, its intensity, wait than stretch rate can rival with the metal, but density is smaller than the metal however much. Carbon fiber frame not only quality is light, do not bend, concussion absorbency is good, still can let an athlete feel lighter when climbing slope, and the aluminium alloy frame that won't resemble likewise light quality in that way, feel the power that one kind is pulled backward.

You Jujia base propylene acyl inferior the wheel that amine horniness bubble makes, have outstanding mechanical performance and thermal stability, quality and mechanical intensity are compared very tall, and have outstanding compression shrink creep and good fireproof character. Qualitative light, wear the good, wheel that fights screwy sex beautiful, can make the bicycle of high speed travel reduces tyre accident. In addition, because butyl glue has air-tightness good, breathe freely lead ageing resistance of low, heat-resisting to be able to actor or actress, be able to bear or endure soda acid and be able to bear or endure the characteristic such as polarity dissolvent, make the material of high grade elastomer that bicycle embryo inner tube cannot replace; Because of,fibre glass enhances nylon dimension stability and impact resistance all first-rate, be used as crural footplate material; Get together shrink aldehyde can make internal shaft bear with gearshift the component of leather belt annulus, coefficient of friction gets together lesserly shrink the gearing that aldehyde makes transmission case. The figure of newest high polymer material can see everywhere on bicycle body.

Besides good car, the sportswear such as good helmet can make sure the athlete is safe fully, make accident harm falls to the smallest. Bo fine enhances polyamide material to have tall impact resistance, stiffness and hardness, this kind of material is used to preparation is new-style and safe helmet coping crust, surround the C form of the head " belt " with two flank crust. In-house concussion absorbs a layer to be comprised by soft polypropylene bubble and fiber fabric liner, its are mechanical function is close friends use at ABS and helmet of other and traditional an organic whole plastic. In addition, the igneous mist that spends tall purity, high colourfully becomes angry painty besmear Fu is in polymer surface, can make the color of athletic helmet is changed along with angle, bring another elegant demeanour to nightly match.

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