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Duoleshi is newest flavour metope lacquer sells the domestic Li Anjing that roll

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Rise ceaselessly as the standard of living of people, "Environmental protection home is installed, healthy household " the pursuit target when becoming urbanite to decorate already. The author is in recently visit the discovery when decorating the market world-famous coating brand Duoleshi is newest roll out " domestic Li Anjing flavour metope lacquer " sell in the market very hot, led new round household " healthy, environmental protection " agitation. Duoleshi is the whole world decorates coating brand famously, roll out this " domestic Li Anjing flavour metope lacquer " be lacquer of metope of Lian of Home Duoleshi upgrade edition. Besides the environmental protection property that has Li Anyi of Home Duoleshi to a string of 1000 cash, domestic Li Anjing flavour more the clean ingredient technology that used international innovation, filter adequately harmful material, insist not to add the harmful substance such as lead, benzene, mercuric, polyurethane in producing a course, free formaldehyde content is farther far under national level, after be no matter in construction or whitewashing, do not hear pungent " lacquer " flavour, make you new the home lives more quickly!

"Li Anjing of Home Duoleshi flavour metope lacquer " show in respect of safe, environmental protection numerous: It not only each index far excel state level, obtained attestation of domestic highest environmental protection more easily " attestation of Chinese environment mark " , superior environmental protection performance is visible and average. Besides excellent environmental protection performance, domestic Li Anjing flavour shows scene as much in function of covering power, construction: It uses the raw material of high grade high covering power, cover the result outstanding, and construction is easy, besmear brushs an area to also compare common metope lacquer bigger, can achieve ideal metope result easily. Have so outstanding quality, domestic Li Anjing the price of flavour is very amiable however, it is the overflow choice of family of firewood of average worker worker absolutely!

Have international the assurance of lead character, increase reasonable price, pardonable since " Li Anjing of Home Duoleshi flavour metope lacquer " since appearing on the market, got the extensive favour of consumer, for pursuit " outfit of environmental protection home, healthy household " consumer brings more and high grade selection.

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