Domestic polyamide market rises strong
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The newest research report that consults a company according to British AWJ shows, polyamide of our country home (PA) market is rising strong, PA polymer and the demand that match batch mixing achieved 511 thousand tons 2007, predict to 2010 demand will achieve 758 thousand tons / year. In 3 years of in the past, of demand of Chinese PA market year all add fast achieve 15% , and future 3 all add year after year fast will achieve 13.9% .

Study the report shows, 82% what noted modular market to take demand of domestic PA market about 2007, among them 50% what electric power and electronic industry take demand about, car application domain has occupied China to note modular PA market the portion of 16% , it is the domain with demand the rapiddest growth. Chinese car output grew 2003 ~ 2006 100% , grew 23% again 2007. The PA that the car builds inside this foreign country makes dosage is increasing, current every car uses 7 kilogram ~ 8 kilogram PA, this number lags behind at western level far.

Study the report still investigated the supplier of domestic PA market at the same time. In PA6 domain, melda is current China's biggest production business, the yield 2007 can be 40 thousand tons / year. 50 thousand tons when nevertheless Di Siman company builds in chinese mainland / year device general put into production, the product of this device is main target market is filmy market. Group of Chinese god horse is China's biggest PA66 production business.

According to AWJ advisory company says, demand of Chinese PA6 market was 315 thousand tons 2007, among them the demand of 64% comes from at the entrance; And the entrance proportion of PA66 is higher, occupy about 2007 demand of Chinese PA66 market 86% 193 thousand tons.