Aniline market has held out storm gradually hasten is quiet
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A month comes, aniline market was experienced since this year the biggest drop, by the home at the beginning of August all valence 15200 yuan (ton valence, similarly hereinafter) reduce to current 12100 ~ 12300 yuan, drop panel height is amounted to 20% . And as a result of high cost factor, market price case moves in cost brim. But, in what experienced the market after storm period, aniline market moves to already returned to reason with each passing day, enter casing to arrange level, hind city hopeful is progressively look forward to is firm.
This year, aniline market experienced the process that rises to return to reason again continuously. first quarter, suffer effect of pure benzene get warm again after a cold spell, each aniline production company leads not tall premise to fall in start working, aniline price go up blandly by cost drive raise, ji Jun price 10600 yuan; The 2nd quarter, the raise on stability of benzene of outer Pan Chun, below the setting that nitric acid of fundamental raw material rises considerably, aniline market is successive on move producer price, reach annual maximum price, northern region is highest leave factory achieve 16000 yuan of above, season goes up amount to 36% , ji Jun price also maintains be in 13500 yuan; Enter the 3rd quarter, strength of macroscopical adjusting control increases the country, home changes fall after a rise of industry product perch for the most part, aniline market value because jockey downstream,also be restricted to produce wait for an element, pour fast fall after a rise, and appear for a time in the market after August confused situation. Market price case is reduced continuously, and north reduces speed to accelerate, extent is increased, highest when square difference of north and south achieves 1000 yuan of above (north is low south tall) , the unusual appearance since appearing nearly two years, whole fluctuation swims unbalance of supply and demand. Additional the fall after a rise of pure benzene, and carry restrict, market pressure is enormous. At the beginning of September, downstream enterprise gradually start working, and manufacturing company carried out each aniline to be restricted to produce jointly, increase the strategy such as export volume, aniline market although as pure benzene reduce the price to still glide somewhat, but price difference of north and south already narrowed gradually, regression is rational. Northward price carries out 12100 ~ 12300 yuan, south carries out 12300 ~ 12500 yuan, entered casing to arrange level, the market will be progressively look forward to is firm.