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Trafficker: Price of benzene of 34 quarters whole world can drop further

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Trafficker of a few aromatic hydrocarbon said on September 4, because global economy still is in,ebb, global benzene price can drop further.

Get main area no longer as a result of the sources of energy and derivative market prop up, the 3rd quarter that manufacturing business thinks to was remained 2008 and in the fourth quarter, the price is met be expected to fall. What support the price exclusively is element of ground fringe politics, but the restriction that lifts valence to be able to get main area, seller returns the market hard, the interest that buyer buys goods not thick or without interest.

A benzene trafficker says: "Press current demand condition, won't drive rise in price. "Resemble seeing recently, the influence of hurricane can be driven rise in price. But during blowing hurricane ancient Si Dafu, global demand not flourishing, this has very big negative effect. American economy begins decline, already affected now Europe, the Asia also is experienced now. This toluene trafficker says: "In 3-4 in the month, we can see Asian subcontinent appears the biggest depreciate. We can see Asian subcontinent appears the biggest depreciate..

3 benzene (BTX) the price is in drop further, estimation won't raise price. Like India and Pakistan in that way state requirement is in drop, as a result of congenial pressure, offer money superfluous. The trafficker of Asia and India already bought a lot of aromatic hydrocarbon to assemble storage tank, this has cash to strangle (Cashi-killing) effect, everybody says, the industry is in decline.

A benzene trafficker says: "The market changes since the meeting, the price can fall. You can see the market ebbs, do not go making petrifaction trade, what can do is to read newspaper. What can do is to read newspaper..

The market is full of for goods, the market also has pressure, be in the United States especially. According to report of business circles personage, about 130 thousand tons of benzene export American bay from Asia, Europe and Brazil, in September / arrived in October.

Business circles personage says, among them 36 thousand tons of outfit are on ship MaritimeJinga, 12 thousand tons are shipped by Kolmar, in same the SK energy company of an Asia on the boat installs 18 thousand tons, APEX installs 6000 tons. MaritimeKellyAnne installs 33 thousand tons. Allegedly, an European trafficker installed 21 thousand tons, APEX and a trafficker with unidentified name installed 6000 tons. Allegedly SK energy company made up in Formosa8 date boat full 6000 tons, shateamei installed 30 thousand tons, will arrive at coming 20 days on October 10. A not famous ship that comes over from Brazil also installed 20 thousand tons. Additional lifetime produces business to estimate, carried from the Asia 150 thousand tons, europe offerred 2.0-2.5 10 thousand tons of benzene.

Recently a few weeks, european benzene and toluene drop quickly already, one of reasons are bourse of international crude oil (ICE) Bulunte the price of crude oil the 145.51 dollars from July / fall on the high price of the bucket. Thenceforth rises, crude price fell in all 38.37 dollars / bucket. Assess value according to general family name, the price was 106.91 dollars on September 3 / bucket. Contemporaneity, european benzene the 1453 dollars from July 11 / ton (C.I.F of Amsterdam, Lu Tedan, Antwerp) fell 25 years on high price 280.75 dollars / ton, fall 1172.25 dollars / ton (C.I.F of Amsterdam, Lu Tedan, Antwerp) , market of northwest Europe toluene from altogether fell since July 11 265 dollars / ton, from 1236 dollars / ton (Lu Tedan FOB) fall on high price 971 dollars / ton.

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