Glycol: Produce inadequacy to need prospective challenge and good luck to coexis
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Global glycol produced 2001 ~ 2007 can year all add fast amount to 4.3% , amounted to nineteen million four hundred and eight thousand T/a 2007, total consumption is 17.6 million T, among them Asia, North America and Western Europe 3 areas are the mainest consumption area, aggregate amount to 15.64 million T, 89% what take world total consumption about. Glycol is made an appointment with 82% use at producing polyester, 10% use at producing antifreeze, 8% use at producing chemical industry the other product such as intermediate body, alkyd. Because downstream polyester is right,the demand of glycol increases ceaselessly, predict to 2011 the consumption of world glycol is 21.88 million T about.

● import pounds home market

At present our country mutual glycol produces a business 12, always produce can be 2.304 million T/a. 2007 glycol crop 1.788 million T, import 4.8 million T, export 2000 T, apparent consumption 6.59 million T. Among them polyester industry consumes glycol 6.37 million T, 96.7% what take total consumption.

Although domestic glycol is produced,can grow with crop faster, still cannot satisfy the demand that polyester industry increases increasingly, need a large number of imports every year, and show year after year to add state. Much home company plans to build or extend glycol produces device, 2009 ~ our country will be new 2010 increase production can 2.21 million T/a, already passed examination 1.61 million T/a among them. Predict our country glycol was produced 2011 can will achieve 4.5 million T/a, consumption will achieve 8 million T, in short supply still more serious.

Although our country glycol demands exceeds supply, but from look on the whole, world glycol is produced can have appeared business of production of abroad of superfluous posture, much home changes the look to the Asia, share of market of glycol of our country of race to control. Outside the nation that exports glycol to our country except these traditions of Canada, the United States and Japan, sand spy is the glycol that the foundation produces with its cheap ethane raw material, its are in in the portion of our country market mushroom. In addition, a lot of enterprises also value Chinese Taiwan mainland market. Pound with all possible means will make our country glycol produces an enterprise to face grim challenge.

● promotes technical level to extend applied way

(1) domestic company should be accelerated use an advanced technique to produce device to undertake digging going transforming to having glycol, enlarge the scale of production of device, strengthen technical management, reduce manufacturing cost, improve crop and quality. In addition, the large glycol that the proposal considers to introduce above of 300 thousand T/a produces device.

(2) device of our country glycol all uses annulus oxygen ethane craft of direct hydration law, the technical index such as specific power consumption and content bad news and international still exist bigger difference. Current, law of hydration of catalysis of annulus oxygen ethane can reduce water to compare greatly, save specific power consumption, reduce cost; With carbonic acid 2 armour ester, glycol couplet produces craft to replace annulus oxygen ethane direct hydration craft, inside unit of production of ethane of existing annulus oxygen, need to increase carbon dioxide and methanol only two kinds of raw material can produce glycol and carbonic acid 2 armour ester product of two kinds of chemical industry, can serve as the way that glycol production will develop henceforth.
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