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Downstream development encounters up a stump of industry of A of double phenol o

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Double phenolic A basically produces polycarbonate and epoxy resin, these two domains occupy the 90% above of total consumption of double phenolic A. Among them, double phenolic A basically uses Asia-Pacific zone at producing polycarbonate, 63% what take consumption, epoxy resin scale is 33% , and in Chinese market, the scale that double phenolic A uses at producing polycarbonate only 30% , and epoxy resin is occupied 67% .

Epoxy resin: Produce become acute of contradiction of can outspread too fast supply and demand

In last few years, open to the outside world as China pace is accelerated with global economic integration, industry of our country epoxy resin also greets bitter fleabane break out to postpone a summit, year the increase rate that production and consumption carry 10% above, what make growth of global epoxy resin very quickly is main pull motivation to measure, our country already entered big country of world epoxy resin cavalcade, became global epoxy resin the biggest production country and yield country.

Crop of Chinese home epoxy resin was controlled 650 thousand tons 2007, than going up year grow 25% to control; Apparent consumption 820 thousand tons, than going up year of growth 10% , add extend project newly not less to still be in of like a raging fire in undertaking. According to estimation, came 2007 2008, industry of our country epoxy resin was achieved new, change, the climax of extend, the factory of 10 thousand tons of a few class builds go into operation in succession, new increase production can exceed 200 thousand tons / year, predict consumption of domestic epoxy resin can amount to 1 million tons of above 2008, occupy the personage inside course of study to estimate, predict 10 thousand tons to consumption of our country epoxy resin will achieve 110-150 2010.

But, the malpractice that produces can fast dilate to bring is shown stage by stage, because produce can fast Pan Shengyuan to exceed at downstream demand amplitude, and new increase production can be double phenolic A basically model reach bromine to change model epoxy resin, the epoxy resin of special type colophony and high-end quality needs to rely on foreign entrance to make up for as before, the market is highlighted increasingly for be more than the contradiction that beg, industry of our country epoxy resin is produced need scale the hidden trouble with unreasonable structure of maladjusted, product begins to rise to surface.

Next, because go after scope effect blindly, many epoxy resin produce a business often processing of oversight environmental protection, especially a lot of small and medium sized business stem from cost to consider to still using backward craft to have production, raw material and the sources of energy spend question of tall, environmental protection serious, in recent years the state is strict to the punish all the more of environmental protection respect, market of epoxy resin of our country solid suffers this concussion bigger, rate of many go into operation of plant of area solid epoxy resin are reduced considerably, be in intermittence for a long time to jockey condition.

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