Pure benzene: Cannot decide whether the market will continue soft
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Benzene Toluene

FOB Korea CFR is northeast inferior FOB southeast Asia FOB Korea CFR is northeast inferior CFR southeast Asia

On August 22 1175-1190 1180-1200 1180-1195 1080-1090 1050-1095 1060-1095

On August 29 1180-1190 1185-1200 1185-1195 1080-1090 1055-1095 1045-1085

On September 5 1110-1120 1120-1140 1105-1120 1015-1030 1015-1040 1010-1030

On September 12 1115-1130 1110-1135 1115-1130 980-990 960-1000 950-990

The market comments:


Market of this week Asia benzene goes soft, because this week is periodic,price of crude oil futures glides quickly to 102 dollars / bucket. Market face lasts fatigued and weak, but a few trafficker and manufacturer think American benzene market is firm in go firm gave an Asia the market a lot of prop up. Consequently they think of this week benzene drop of a degree and other toluene and mixture xylene market go low to concern.

Still cannot decide whether the market will continue soft, whether should most businessman also retain in hesitation consequently hope. Distributors of a few benzene still is opposite future a few weeks of markets will take a favourable turn retain hope, because in September normally the left and right sides will enter tire to amend season, demand will increase. But other trafficker fails to meet each other that with the view of distributors, they think Chinese economy goes weak, going along with is worn China decreases to export volume of the United States, affected tire market consequently.

This quarterly styrene demand is low fan, suffer the be a burden on with manufacturing profit and Chinese ramification low demand. Styrene productivity will continue to keep low-level, because most manufacturer is shut, be overhauled because of jockeying and economy is low fan, trafficker and manufacturer represent.

Because Asian demand is fatigued and weak, be in consequently next the job with a few main months is to prevent to cover benefit to flow to the United States from the Asia, the manufacturer represents. Market face is fatigued and weak, because of northeast inferior the stock with southeast Asia is enough.

The reason with southeast Asia high stocks is the afflux of Iran and Indian freight, one manufacturer represents. Via confirming, one Thailand the sale mark book of shipment already ended at this week in October. Allegedly the sale manufacturer of this mark book plans this month later period or new plant is started first next week, but this message without confirming.

Northeast inferior, korea and Japanese stocks decrease, jockey because of accident of one Japan manufacturer and benefit freight is covered to send past United States by Korea in great quantities during 8-9 month, trafficker and manufacturer represent.

The window that cover interest still is opened, american price is 4.20-4.40 dollar / gallon (FOB HTC) , or 1, 255-1, 315 dollars / ton (FOB HTC) . But the freight that exports the United States is finite, korea gives out was installed in October and the freight that metaphase arrived at the United States in November about 20 thousand tons. Because American trafficker begins to collect certain duty take time to want to maintain inferior stocks in the end of the year,this may be, one Korea manufacturer represents. This message without confirming further.
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