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Aniline get warm again after a cold spell still needs time to still can be in lo

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Aniline market goes force is small maintain, each shipment circumstance almost with change without what last week. Price of shipment of lowest of China north area is low reach 11500 yuan / ton, clinch a deal exiguous, downstream go into operation is not expensive still; Price of individual small single shipment is in Hua Dong 12000 yuan / or so tons, large sheet clinchs a deal in 12400-12700 yuan / ton, whole becomes friendship condition slightly market of north of good Yu Hua. Specific area, be like Henan, market situation in a way is carried brace up. Current, domestic aniline stock is not expensive, in this respect each manufacturer pressure is not very big, buying the home downstream also is to use how to much enter, nobody build a warehouse. Current, the element of aniline market requicken, still be the price with stable upper reaches, but below the setting that drops ceaselessly in international oil price, "Stable " it seems that have no way is mentioned, price of Ben Zhouhua north, Hua Dong, Hua Nachun benzene falls again 200 yuan / ton, nitric acid leaves factory quote also issues defeat again and again, hearsay lowest clinchs a deal valence is in 2400-2500 yuan / ton. Be based on afore-mentioned reasons, the cost bottom line of aniline has been lowered, but whether again be issued to lower levels depends on still depend on downstream purchasing power, in fact, this case manufacturer mostly the quoted price that apt keeps a stability, this also is payable responsibility to downstream manufacturer. City analyses interest good factor after 1. Abstruse meeting also ended incomplete 2. Market confidence gradually strong interest empty factor 1. Upriver pure benzene stops hard drop aniline market is small confused main reason, not be itself be on the wane, however whole energy industry is fatigued and weak be caused by, not be to need not be begged downstream, be not dare rushed skill. This week, although OPEC reduces yield, but suffer a dollar to rise considerably influence, crude price continues to glide. Aniline get warm again after a cold spell still needs time, predict to still can be in low move smoothly.


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