ADC vesicant prices goes low
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Prices of this vesicant of the ADC inside Zhou Guo goes low, price of home market mainstream is 17200 ~ 17500 yuan (ton valence, similarly hereinafter) . This price fall after a rise is main be enslaved to be enslaved to is downstream demand. Current. The industry such as domestic ADC downstream shoemaking, accept the restriction of environmental protection on one hand, suffer the effect of demand on the other hand, start working is insufficient, decrease considerably to the demand of ADC, cause evidence of occurrence saturation of domestic supply of goods directly. This week, fall after a rise of price of Hua Na area is sharper, as the end of the Olympic Games, content shedding is smooth, supply of goods enters this area increase, competitive aggravate brings about the price to go low, the market advocate content shedding price falls it is 17200 yuan.

Domestic supply of goods is saturated, major company chooses exit in succession. At present quote of FOB of domestic ADC export is 2450-2550 dollar. Company of wh some of which competes to increase advantage, had appeared the quote of 2300 dollars. The market level after domestic ADC needs farther wait-and-see.