This Zhou Yazhou pure benzene relatively steep fall last week
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Asian pure benzene: This Zhou Yazhou pure benzene up to Zhou Si relatively steep fall last week, basically drop in Zhou Er, meantime relatively Zhou Yi has 50 dollars go low. Become friendship condition: &Nbsp;9 month 1 day, hold the post of random freight was given in October dish in 1150 dollars / ton FOB Korea. 2 days, freight discussed random in October in 1130-1165 dollar / ton FOB Korea. 3 days, random freight clinched a deal in October in 1120 dollars / ton FOB Korea, shell sells SK-E. 4 days, random exchanged views in October in 1110-1135 dollar / ton FOB Korea. 5 days, random clinched a deal in October in 1120 dollars / ton FOB Korea, trammo gives Vitol.

Domestic refine factory and market sum up: Pure benzene market does not have this week home bigger change, petrifaction is reached in in the stability of oil price, make high end discusses calm, manufacturer maintains agreement shipment, and medicinal powder door exchange views as before finite. This week has northwest supply of goods slight change, include alone Shan Zishi changes factory price to reduce reach 7800 yuan / ton, and the message says to be opposite actually price of old client shipment has certain privilege, there is a message to call Lanzhou petrifaction actual freight price during in low end 7700 yuan / or so tons, low goods has to staple market hit certainly pressure, at the same time downstream styrene demand does not have more improvement as before, although pure benzene - styrene price difference is bigger, but trafficker expresses as downstream EPS low fan, styrene market will have glide likelihood, mart of pure to upper reaches benzene will anticipate generation is due benefit sky is affected.

Main factor of the city after the influence: 1, crude price falls to 110 dollars / the bucket is the following; 2, inferior open of the beautiful window that cover interest, cover interest measure increase; 3, the part was sealed in October stop unit carriage return to have change. 4, benzene second is rare reach phenol unit to jockey reach bear to reduce, the demand;5 that affects pair of pure benzene, good without more interest prop up, short-term trend is put in the opportunity that arrange.