Global polypropylene market faces excess pressure
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Henceforth a few years, the whole world is in the many polypropylene new increase production that establish can put into production, supply increases quickly, but at the same time cost resides the raw material of the enterprise not to fall high again, this will force an enterprise to lower start working rate, and the gain ability of whole polypropylene industry also will be affected.

A large number of new increase production can put into production will make supply superfluous

Society of American chemical market (CMAI) the expert expresses at the beginning of September, the whole world produced the polypropylene that adds about 3 million tons newly 2008 can, this is meant global polypropylene was produced 2008 can get on the foundation 2007 grow 6% .

With compared 2007, the yield that predicts the whole world will increase 20 million tons 2012 can, this will be brought about 2010 ~2011 year, global polypropylene is produced can will superfluous 10 million tons of ~1100 10 thousand tons / year, rate of go into operation of global polypropylene unit will fall to the historical lowest of 80% horizontal. Rate of go into operation of global polypropylene unit was 89%~90% 2008, the start working rate of North America area is 85% .

Forecast today bright two years demand of global polypropylene market is added fast will achieve year all 4.5% , of area of Asia-Pacific of the corresponding period year all add fast will achieve 7%~7.5% , of middle east area year all add fast for 8%~9% , of South-American area add fast for 6.5%~7% , and the demand of North America area will contract further, will drop this year 3.1% , of next year add fast it is only 0.4% , of European area year all add fast for 1.5%~2% .

Rank of business of 10 big production will produce the whole world change

Suffer the effect with rising market fast and outspread business, 10 big polypropylene produce the whole world the rank of business and supplier is occurrent change. At present the polypropylene of business of production of 10 big polypropylene produces the whole world can occupy the whole world to always be produced about can 50% above. To 2009, company of industry of sand spy base will exceed Da Ershi oily company and Yinglishi the company becomes the whole world to be next to Laiangdeerbasaier and Chinese petrochemical the 3rd big polypropylene produces business, the rank of company of Indian credit industry also will from this year the 7th jump litre to 4 2009, and Chinese oil also will make the whole world 2009 the 5th big polypropylene produces business, rank ever since is Daodaer, Yinglishi, Aikesenmei respectively model of chemistry of inspire confidence in sb, stage and boreal Europeanize labour.

To 2012, chinese oil will replace trustful industry company to make the whole world the 4th big polypropylene produces business, and the rank of trustful industry will slip to the 5th. And after the petrifaction combine project that chemistry of dust gram Sen Meifu is located in China and Singapore is finished, this company will be climbed litre for the whole world the 6th big polypropylene produces business, this company will build go into operation 2011 in the petrifaction combine project of Singapore, this project includes 450 thousand tons / year polypropylene device.
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