Oil price soares steep fall: Europe admire overcomes in a dilemma
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The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Oupeike) before dawn announced the sources of energy of spell chairman, Algerian and Halile of mining industry minister on September 10, ou Peike will be inside 40 days cut crude daily output 520 thousand pails.

Before this, the United States " new York Times " dispatch analysis, the speed that at present international oil price drops, already made Oupeike begins to consider reduction of output. This analysis conclusion of American media, be not without the basis. International crude price is close 7 1/3 dropped inside Zhou Zhi, what come for 5 months is the most low-level, be in even " Gusidafu " hurricane sweeps across Mexican bay, bring about oil gas production to be spent gently after interrupting, oil price still is being quickened drop, the North sea Bulunte crude already fell defeat every pails of 90 dollars to close greatly. Face steep fall so trend, is Ou Peike Yan not flustered?

What is more,the rather that, country of Ou Peike's member appeals reduction of output in succession: There is Venezuela oil minister to pull Rhys of rummy of Fei Er · to let in fresh air before, "If international crude price is maintained continuously,drop situation, lv of unified exam of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries cuts output " . There is Shahelisidani of Iraqi oil minister to express after, "At present global oil supplies a likelihood to exceed requirement slightly " . More Europe admire overcomes the 2nd old oil to produce Nuozali of minister of national Iranian oil to come out to claim, iranian general " seek make oil price maintains in reasonable level " . Although this is of single member country make known one's position, cannot represent Oupeike, but contain tendentiousness apparently however, the market is impossible not care a continental.

But this conference, ou Peike does not have reduction of output of ground of do sth on a large scale. because, face oil price to soare steep fall, europe admire overcomes the left and right sides to embarrass.

Has oil price soared? Good of course. What high oil price brings is money of dollar of oil of a huge sum, the money that oil price reaps higher is more. The Europe admire that lacks other resource overcomes member country, price of oil of natural hope international rises not to fall only. Before wh what month, rise sharply like oil price hurricane, futures price comes unexpectedly cross every pails of 147 dollars, it is good that the dollar should have many into Zhang like running water!

However, the Oupeike below high oil price also has worry. The economy of main economy system such as area of the United States, euro and Japan grows, come one this year speed of apparent rein in, tall look forward to of international oil price, build the blow of economy of didymous whole world extremely possibly further, global economy growth puts delay, of fall victim but not only dispute oil produces a country, also include oil to produce a country -- economy puts delay, restrain crude oil consumption necessarily, the country of natural resources of oil of economically main support also can decrease because of petroleum demand and get into trouble; And, oil price soares under, the dollar continues to devalue necessarily. The dollar still is the money of main settle accounts of oil market up to now, the dollar depreciates, dollar reserve and dollar assets also are met corresponding shrink. This pair of oil that own a large number of dollars and dollar property export a nation, not be meddlesome apparently.
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