Toilet is decorated waterproof cannot ignore
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A reader hits a phone to tell a reporter, new home is decorated just finishing return mergence to live, the ceramic tile of toilet whiteness with respect to by

The big beautiful face that the sewage that canopy top leakage comes down does so that weep like a piece, no matter whether can get compensatory, let a person feel special


Such incident appears in be being decorated, brought needless pecuniary loss to a lot of families not only, destroy possibly still

Originally harmonious neighborhood concerns. How does ability prevent leakage incident to happen? Decorate in toilet in how to notice waterproof ask


Do not destroy original and waterproof layer as far as possible

In the building that uses in new consign, the ground of toilet, bathroom and kitchen has what do according to relevant standard is waterproof

Layer, so, leakage situation won't produce after destroying original waterproof layer to be entered commonly. Exist generally now ask

The problem is, the establishment washing bath that a few toilet can increase in decorating and have new position to a variety of fluctuation water cop or move,

Itself has played havoc with the waterproof layer with original structure, but, was not repaired or make waterproof construction afresh, so that send

The ability after unripe leakage discovers a problem.

Experience: Waterproof layer is destroyed easily when decorating the ground afresh. If be repaired not in time, can produce leakage in the future, disaster and

Neighborhood. Want to notice to protect waterproof layer when decorate so, if be destroyed carelessly, want to be repaired in time, lest leave snake in the grass.

Heavy floor tile- paving tile should make the region waterproof

If need to change toilet is original floor tile, after original floor tile authentic goes, must seek the ground with cement mortar first