Polyurethane material already was maintained to be the insulation material with
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Before the Fujian Province amounts to insulation material limited company newly to carry out trustee Wanghong to be fond of bolt, accept when interviewing, express, times of price of global small provisions has ended, because this ensures storage food high quality delay Chen Hua, make the important way that raises price of grain crop, stable grain. Polyurethane (because material of PU) hard bubble agrees with to apply in in great quantities store on grain building, get equipment attention.

Current, polyurethane material already was maintained to be the insulation material with best function, but domestic application level lags behind at Europe far the United States develop area.

Because take a fancy to this one tremendous market potential,be, polyurethane of market research and development, production is multivariate makings of combination of mellow soft hard bubble and goods at an organic whole amount to insulation material company newly, develop polyurethane hard bubble to use new technology energetically. This company builds and polyurethane of put into production is hard after bubble product line, cooperate actively with place of scientific research courtyard, in energy-saving with grain store the domain enlarges product application.

This company already was developed now PU hard bubble material is used at architectural of commissariat storage main body to use a technology, make grain store the building is implementation heat preservation, waterproof, adiabatic, defer commissariat Chen Hua effectively thereby.

Below the help in expert of Nanjing industry university and guidance, they open combination of new recipe of the heat preservation outside the wall outside was being given out successfully to expect. Product flame retardation achieved a country to bend over grade level demand, apply extensively at constructing a field. The enterprise becomes polyurethane product index to achieve " 1 class of GB2408-80 / is flame retardant the standard sets " one of few number manufacturer. Up to now, this company has been in Zhejiang and other places finishs PU material on the building of area of nearly 100 thousand square metre energy-saving application, achieved energy-saving the national level requirement of 65% , with construction ministry polyurethane hard bubble popularizes formulary conform to of application.

A few days ago, this company plans to invest 25 million yuan, build to produce per year polyurethane of 200 thousand square metre line of serial production of hard bubble plate, put into production of predicting next year. After project building, annual polyurethane hard bubble but spray construction 600 thousand square metre, production value of system of adiabatic heat preservation is controlled nearly 70 million yuan, year can come true energy-saving 20 thousand kilowatt hour, be equivalent to coal of standard of every junior bad news 300 thousand tons, little platoon waste gas 150 thousand tons.

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