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The company is country's biggest polyurethane hard bubble gets together ether major manufacturer, have the experience of 20 years of research and development and production. Have combination of 40 thousand tons of hard bubble to get together at present the productivity of product of series of mellow amine of third of 20 thousand tons of ether, different. Collect project 50 thousand tons of hard bubble get together ether will be produced at be being amounted to by 2008, alleviate effectively thereby produce can bottleneck.

At present ark of the freezer in home appliance industry, ice is the biggest field that polyurethane hard bubble consumes. The company wins out in the competition that waiting for the tycoon that cross a state with Basifu polyurethane, held this market at present the market share of 16.2% . The company gets together in combination of whole country hard bubble at present of ether market have rate for 9.04% . Predict in the near future company market has rate general with annual the speed of 1%-2% continues to increase.

According to the company existing business state combines the development foreground of company new project, forecast company 07-09 year EPS is respectively 0.68, 0.87, 1.48 yuan. Considering polyurethane hard bubble gets together to expand quickly of ether future market and the industry bibcock position of the company, give 8 years of 35-40 the city of times be filled with rate, corresponding and reasonable share price is 31-35 yuan.

Lai mattress biology (002166)

Lai mattress biology appears on the market 13.2 million, issue the price to be 9.89 yuan / . Advocate bear sell Shang Weiguang old negotiable securities.

The company basically is engaged in a plant extracting content to produce, the product is used at pharmacy, health care to taste, the industry such as food drink, cosmetic, it is enterprise of bibcock of national agriculture industrialization, national torch plans company of technology of key high pay. The plant carries space of fetch international market capacious, our country plant extracts content product to offer outlet basically; The enterprise inside domestic industry is numerous, competition is intense; Lai mattress biology is precede inside the industry enterprise, very market share is not high. Level of interest rate of company integrated wool is about 40% , the juice product of high first half of the year gross profit prevented wool interest rate to glide. Raw material value is greater to cost influence, relatively lesser to profit impact. Advantage of Lai mattress biologic depends on: Technology, technology is advanced, raw material supplies relative stability, product line is complete; Potential risk includes: Raw material price is fluctuant, product price fall, the technology is replaced and the intense competition that the company enters domain of functional sex product to may encounter.

Space of market of content of natural plant extraction is vast, prospect of collect capital project is better. Produce after project put into production can will promote substantially, 9 years income scale may appear bouncing type grows, aggrandizement company is in at present the lead position inside the industry.
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