The analysis that 7 years market of Chinese carpentry coating grows
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The development of line of business of our country furniture, having of long standing and well established history, but the development that contemporary furniture is in our country however cannot satisfactory. Current, unripe 産 enterprise of home amounts to 30 thousand, most medium and small businesses fails to walk out of thick lines to give birth to 産, simplification modelling, copy the set pattern that changes a design, compare with advanced country, the big company of etiquette model is little, quality structure design and craft difference are quite big, lack culture and individual character, content of science and technology is low, do not talk to go up design and brand. Medium quality problem basically reflects furniture to be differred in exterior effect, be able to bear or endure dry heat, damp and hot, acid-proof alkaline, be able to bear or endure cold heat, be able to bear or endure pollution cannot achieve a requirement. How to improve the quality of coating, use advanced Tu An to install equipment and technology, the need that gets used to furniture estate development is very urgent task. Read related: Coating of carpentry of ability in swimming: It is mature already that the market expands an opportunity to coating of carpentry of ability in swimming along posture of He Leng face 1, development of coating of our country carpentry reviews carpentry coating department to point to the coating that is used on the board of face plate of solid board, Mu Wen, glue, wood chip board, beaverboard equipment that makes, include things of floor of furniture, polyurethane, style, musical instrument and building to decorate material to use paint. Divide 爲 roughly two kinds, one kind is to be used at furniture manufactory, one kind is to be used at indoor decorate adornment. The 爲 that abroad puts in it 's charge decorates coating, coating of our country carpentry occupies the 15%~20% of coating gross about, furniture is made is an old industry, furniture besmear outfit can reflect the coating industry standard of a country greatly. Use paint of phenolic aldehyde varnish, alcoholic acid varnish, enamel, nitro- from 50 time; To 60 time evening, polyurethane coating begins to be used at furniture, make the besmear outfit of furniture increased a class, its masterpiece 爲 " 685 " , be current nearly 30 years, be in up to now western area and underdeveloped country still are being used; 70 time, lacquer of nitro- , polyurethane, alcoholic acid still 爲 dominant 産 is tasted; 80 time evening, harbor, bay, of mesa area " polyester lacquer " (solid 爲 polyurethane and not saturated polyurethane) the foreland that passes into the mainland, by harbor, stage the joint ventures gives birth to 産, furniture besmears the class of outfit had new breakthrough; 90 time, joint ventures of area of delta of Guangdong Pearl River, civilian battalion company is born 産 " polyester lacquer " develop like emerge, arrived even " blossom everywhere " degree, rapid development is outspread reached ground of edge within the country, wait for a province like Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Sichuan, Hunan. No matter this period is breed, structure or amount it is development is the rapiddest.

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