In platelet 3 new a newest report that appears on the market now
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In platelet 3 new bale now appear on the market, gong Baoli (002165) , Lai mattress biology (002166) , Oriental zirconium course of study (002167) 15.2 million when issue on the net first, 13.2 million, can appear on the market 10 million times trade, issue valence to be 12.09 yuan respectively / , 9.89 yuan / , 8.91 yuan / .

Gong Baoli basically is engaged in the production of polyurethane series product, have combination of 40 thousand tons of hard bubble to get together the productivity of ether and mellow amine of third of 20 thousand tons of different, polyurethane is country's biggest hard bubble combination to get together ether major produces a business. The growth of the rapid development of industry of benefit from benefit from and crop, the growth of the income that the company goes two years and net gain was achieved respectively 62.1% with 64.6% . Company this second collect capital produces per year invest in 50 thousand tons of environmental protection hard bubble to get together ether project.

Shen Yinmo country predicts a firm 2007 - complete 2009 fry batter in a thin layer is thin every accrual is 0.77 yuan respectively, 0.91 yuan mix 1.18 yuan, sound market value is in 15 yuan - 19 yuan.

Lai mattress biology is engaged in a plant extracting content to produce, the product is used at pharmacy, health care to taste, the industry such as food drink, cosmetic, it is enterprise of bibcock of national agriculture industrialization. The company basically is engaged in arhat fruit sweet the plant function such as polysaccharide of glucoside of glucoside, former cyanine element, design and color, medlar monomer and standardization extract the tall purity of component the production of content, already formed year of productivity that handles 3000 tons of raw material now, 95% above use the product at exit. This second collect capital will throw the company project of project of industrialization of treatment of thing of standardization plant extraction and project of construction of research center of Lai mattress technology.

Country yuan negotiable securities predicts, lai mattress biology 2007 - the compound increase rate that will carry 30% above 2009, every accrual can amount to 0.43 yuan respectively, 0.58 yuan mix 0.77 yuan, sound value is in 17.4-20.3 yuan between.

Oriental zirconium course of study owns more complete zirconium industry chain, it is one of zirconium products manufacturer with global the most all ready breed. Issue collect capital this to be used at producing high-powered A1-Y compound zirconia the construction of powdery body project, project building is amounted to postpartum, the company is compound productivity will obtain zirconia pink put oneself in another's position 2300 tons / year. Zirconium goods application is wider, among them 53 % consume Yu Tao porcelain, 10 % are consumed at electronic product. The company is as high as 50% to control for the growth rate of new product of the representing with zirconia, main reason depends on taller technical camp.
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