Advisory conference of international of 07 Jiangsu development is wonderful the
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On September 6, the 2007 Jiangsu that by Jiangsu province government sponsors develop international to seek advice from the conference to be held in Nanjing. 18 economy that by the province the government invites (science and technology) adviser and advisory delegate around " international competition ability and Jiangsu industry upgrade " this one theme, the speech was published on the meeting. "Foreign adviser " contributive instructions for dealing with an emergency, brought the sound of world forward position to open Jiangsu. It is these foreign adviser below people splendid speech collect comes together.

Keyword: The development power of pharmacy industry

Because of favorable investment climate and the market that have development latent capacity greatly, company of the numerous pharmacy that cross a state invests to Jiangsu. The intellectual property safeguard with the development need of medical industry is effective and across-the-board the price mechanism of policy, fair justice, good laws and regulations and normative and perfect new drug examine and verify register a system. Good competitive dominant position was established in the Jiangsu development in this locality and foreign capital pharmacy, will promote pharmacy productivity further henceforth and develop development medicine to supply chain, further education develops research talent and academic research organization.

-- presiding apparitor of company of British A Si Likang Brennan

Keyword: Finance is propped up

The height that will be helpful for promoting an industry through perfect financing condition and form gathers, the protection of environment of the development of city, polyurethane. Build the venture business that can expand a future to have devoted and plump and smooth-skinned the financial system of capital, promote the China that can be famous in world market with founding to oneself the brand waits for the investment of the target, also can breed add fuel to the fire of advanced manufacturing industry to prop up. Jiangsu can consider to build the advanced manufacturing industry that is dominant with saving a government to prop up fund, build the capital that can ensure medium and small businesses is stable to raise money the mechanism of the way, guide in the respect such as perfect infrastructure civilian financing.

-- chairman of 3 Inc. of bank of couplet of day of water chestnut Tokyo 3 wood numerous light

Keyword: Indigenous industry internationalization

One of crucial essential factor with the successful company that cross a state are " mainland is changed " , and this locality enterprise wants development and expand, must execute " internationalization " development strategy. Chinese retail trade gathers in brand value, talent wait to still very great potential can be dug. Regard Chinese economy as the bibcock area of development, a lot of companies of Jiangsu are developing in what experience an internationalization. Like be the same as a lot of developing countries and area, it is sure to experience serve to appreciation from manufacturing industry, to talent education, found to the brand, pass to what serve internationalization of course of study again.
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