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PUWORLD (2007/8/24)- - group of henry Si Mai is the world's biggest chemical industry company, headquarters is located in the United States still his city Salt Lake City. Group of henry Si Mai produces more than 9 million tons of all kinds and high grade industrial product, product every year to be used extensively at each large base industry, include: Industrial chemicals, plastic, scour, individual nurses product of things, car, high-tech, health care product, textile reachs the industrial product that pack. Company of henry Si Mai has the branch that spreads all over the whole world and many 15000 stuff, year turnover exceeds 8.5 billion dollar.

To group of polyurethane of henry Si Mai, the Chongzhongzhi that China is its business is heavy. As rapid development of economy, the dimensions of Chinese polyurethane market is growing continuously with exceeding the rate of GDP. Polyurethane is applied at a lot of industries because of its superior performance, especially refrigeration industry.

Polyurethane of henry Si Mai (China) limited company was in Shanghai early to establish polyurethane technology service center 1992, this is this kind of establishment that by foreign capital the company opens first in China. Subsequently, group of polyurethane of henry Si Mai invests 10 million dollar, the polyurethane system that at China was being opened in Shanghai 1996 the first foreign capital runs is mixed mix factory, this is henry Si Mai is the biggest on the world mix mix establishment, should mix mix the network of global major technology of the technology that the factory develops through using this locality and henry Si Mai, provide horniness and product of system of flexible qualitative foam and complete and comprehensive technology service for China  is current, the product that this factory produces is used at satisfying domestic need not only, ten countries such as the Japan that returns area of Asia-Pacific be goinged to by a large number of exit, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Taiwan and area. In the meantime, company of henry Si Mai already also built perfect business center in Guangzhou, Beijing, Qingdao and Hong Kong, the service center of the 2nd technology that its are in China was established in Guangzhou.