Hangzhou is " optimum living city " , why?
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Because Hangzhou has recreational atmosphere not only, have beautiful water of that one lake more, cannot help doing sth letting a person. In the breeze that has blown by the side of the west lake, as if can of the fragrance of nose scroll, cosmetics sweet colourful. Water, have such magic power namely: Include everything burnish, again with most Wen Wantian's quiet carriage is revealed to you.

It is adjacent with water, how to feel?

Have a netizen " a water " the rich polyurethane in him published an article on the guest " I live in in sea edge " :

I am lived in in sea edge,

Sea breeze of safflower green grass is fresh.

Reaching the sky of green jade water becomes a gleam of,

Group dot of gull paddle sail.

I am lived in in sea edge,

It is spring all the year round.

The Shi Bei that drive the of great capacity build by laying bricks or stones is sanded,

The beach builds storm scene line.


Although Hangzhou does not have the sea, but not only west lake, river of rich still pond, still the canal still has wet land. Of scene of these absolutely good water all round attracting more and more habitant.

The reporter interviewed the person buy a house of room of scene of living water of a few choices, will talk about their living experience.

My home is by the side of the west lake

Living experience person: King aunt is 68 years old

Represent water view: Lake of west lake, green hill

King aunt this year 68 years old, live in road of the hill austral west lake edge the community that 90 time build the century on the one place around. Going out 1 minute is a west lake, the window is pushed to also can see a west lake in the home. Although the house is not very new, but periphery is inn of top class brand and the cafe that often disclosing fragrance. The king nurse that ever had become a teacher in Chinese beautiful courtyard says, have flourishing city a lot of, beautiful landscape is not little also, but flourishing the place that can accompany beautiful scenery is very commendable. Resemble worldly pink of common of much commonplace fat, lack however already body appearance is lithe and graceful the belle of Hui Zhilan heart.

Do not see king aunt of close already seventy years of age year, however still the hair is thick, body appearance is lightsome. Ask about the secret that the aunt holds green, she says: "The west lake leaves honest in the home too convenient, everyday in the morning, I removed a bed to go to lakefront, see a landscape, breathe fresh air. When having irritated a load on one's mind, also go up about the old partner goes lakefront takes a walk. Alleged photograph is born by the heart, voice of mood good intention is nice, talent is younger. Talent is younger..

This village that king aunt stays in, have a lot of emeritus or on-the-job teacher lecturer, of the house door model not quite big, general 60, left and right sides of 70 square metre, the biggest also do not exceed 90 square metre. The layout of a lot of houses is designed and face towards the consideration also is not particularly reasonable, but it is this village, be in secondhand room market those who but gave a name,go up is spruce, queue up to waiting to buy the person one after another of here house. Very rare however house advocate agree to be taken sell, clinch a deal the price is one room more one price.
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