The three-dimensional communication means of the CFO of Chinese type
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Inferior communicate: Test leads force and moral character accomplishment

CFO is money meets the expert of the respect not just, should be the strategist that has leadership more, want to be able to guide the travel before the group. Another kind of target that this involves CFO to be communicated in real work -- subordinate employee.

Contemporary company scope is vast, manage complex with each passing day, the individual ability of pure support CFO already far cannot the demand that hold together just faces financial job each. At this moment, need more groups to cooperate, more outstanding and financial personnel. To this, yantai 10 thousand China polyurethane Inc. vise general manager holds appearance of Kou Guangwu of presiding and financial officer concurrently to say, our group needs the eye like the eagle, the team like wild goose.

Normally, people thinks and the communication of subordinate employee is to had compared those who solve, because CFO is in leadership position, more is with command or be being directed means undertakes, subordinate employee is to be in mostly accept and obedient position. However, had become a leader truly, at one can leave on implementation, communicate without hinder, also not be simple however thing. Among them, have not only communicate and language skill problem, more important is the leader force of CFO and accomplishment of individual moral character.

Thank Yun Shuang very proud to oneself group: Our financial personnel often is to work overtime self-consciously, they think this is very regular job, and consider the issue of pay rarely.

Same, east Wang Li of CFO of soft group limited company also feels proud for his group. According to introducing, the financial personnel of her at hand not only oneself major capability is strong, and right other manage and manage knowledge to also be had quite level; In the meantime, fall on the company communicate very clear and coherent, everybody concerns harmonious.

Carry the interview of CFO of pair of a few companies, we discover, CFO and subordinate employee are not simple command and obedient relation any more. These CFO pay attention to the development of group construction and subordinate employee very much, made perfect employee groom almost system and plan. Various and financial personnel is very clear what is stage of oneself development direction peace, mechanism of corresponding outstanding achievement evaluation is relatively complete also. Then, everybody is to ranking instruction and a lot of act be willing to accept from the heart, very clear what should oneself do, such doing can have what kind of result. Because individual interest and company profit are easy unified, it is so in these companies, when necessary work overtime self-consciously already common, everybody does not think to have what misgivings.

Communicate with class: Be locked in a seesaw struggle is pulled curium, big play is called in assembly room

Communication effectiveness problem not only consist in CFO and CEO, superior and inferior between, as much consist in money is met between branch and other business section.
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