The trend tendency of bake food basically is east wind of west wind guiding
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The staple food that does not belong to our country as a result of bake food kind food, with western country so photograph comparing starts later, basically regard acting eat and recreational food as existence at present. Bake according to China Mr Zhu Nianlin introduces director of association of industry of products of candy of the food that bake, in last few years, the development of bake food industry of our country is very rapid, 2005 sales revenue of industry of our country biscuit twenty-four billion eight hundred and fifty-five million yuan, increased thirty-one billion three hundred and seventy-eight million yuan 2006, growth range was achieved 26% .

On the goods shelves of the supermarket, various the product full of beautiful things in eyes such as the biscuit that pack, cake, biscuit, all sorts of brands, different class and changeful taste gave consumer a lot of options, still the burgeoning breed such as biscuit of yoke clique, French appears ceaselessly.

Careful observation, discover a kind of increasingly clear trend not hard -- goods of the low candy that represents health, cereal, whole wheat increasingly grow in quantity. This kind of trend begins Yu Yihong to bake food gives priority to the western country that feed.

Low candy is pounded, cereal suffers bestow favor on

Traditional roast product belongs to product of high in syrup, tall fat, high quantity of heat, long-term edible can cause nutrition superfluous, bring about fat. To keep healthy, begin from 2001 " low carbohydrate " food begins to be in the United States popular, and rise impetus is very fast. Last year the United States " the true state of affairs that pack " the magazine ever crossed full-scale investigation to baking the retail market of the food that bake is done, findings shows, income the high spending group that the family under 10 thousand dollar is sweetmeat roast product, and the family of 250 thousand dollar is opposite income prep above this kind of product has rarely.

Likewise clear trend is cereal kind the rapid development of food, 2005, year of crop of cereal breakfast achieve 3.2 million tons, sale amount is 1.66 million dollar. The United States, France, Germany, Spain and England is the market of the biggest spending of cereal breakfast, cereal breakfast won very good market reaction in these countries.

Demand creates the market, product line road is adjusted

On market of our country bake, the trend that goes after nutrient health in recent years is more clear.

On cookie market, amount to can cake of the soda that do not have candy, milk is sweet fragile, happy whole wheat cake of Nabeisike, contain bran salty biscuit, peace and tranquility digests cake to wait for the heat that is each brands to sell variety, cookie business of home also tightens follow closely to follow this trend, adjust oneself product ceaselessly.

Be in Shandong, greatly small biscuit factory collective walks up " calcic grandma " course, "Filling calcium " be in last few years China socially popular topic, eat biscuit to be able to fill calcium has been accepted by one part consumer, wrap mount " tall calcium " model of written characters can bring better sale.
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