The 6th 2008 China (Shanghai) international insulation material and energy-savin
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Time: On November 26, 2008 - 28 days
Place: Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Long Yang road 2345)

] exhibit meeting preface
Polyurethane is opened stage by stage in the market that builds heat preservation domain. Nowadays, be opposite as people the requirement of environmental protection is stricter and stricter and increase of energy cost considerably, as heat preservation is at present energy-saving a kind of on the market the most superior insulation material, the application that its are building energy-saving heat preservation to go up is wider and wider. Research makes clear, polyurethane kind the product holds the market share that has 15 % in domain of application of global building materials. Current, global polyurethane total output already exceeded 10 million tons / year, produce can year average increase rate 4.4 % , wastage year grow 3.4 % on average, predict 2010, the market share of global polyurethane housing materials will achieve the 24 % of polyurethane gross, china regards industry of Asian area polyurethane as the largest production base and consumptive market, of polyurethane product use up increase rate to make an appointment with 20 % left and right sides. Visible, in the application that constructs energy-saving field in future, polyurethane comparatives in architectural application foreground capacious. As energy-saving to the building higher and higher demand, polyurethane is being built and have a large number of application that construct heat preservation field already, the adumbrative also business chance with its tremendous.
Near future country promulgates " energy-saving in long-term and special program " reach " guideline of technology of project of the heat preservation outside the wall outside polyurethane hard bubble " , the application that makes polyurethane is constructing heat preservation field strode ahead again one pace. Also showed Chinese government is right at the same time " polyurethane is efficient heat preservation system " approbate. In whole and energy-saving program, palisade heat preservation should assume the energy-saving job of about 70 % . And this among them, wall body occupied 2/3 again. And heat preservation of the wall outside polyurethane is having distinct advantage, this also is this industry and the main growth direction later.

] 08 exhibit can look into
China International insulation material and energy-saving technology exhibition (HSIM) successfully establish its " the world the 2nd, asia the first " professional insulation material exhibits the position of the meeting, become resource of accepted world optimal heat preservation to purchase with one of sale ground. 2007 the 5th is exhibited can showing scale, exhibit trade measure, view mode is measured and was greater leap than previous term or session on quality and internationalization degree.
Chun Huaqiu is solid, those who accompany 5 years to prolong meeting dimensions and person energy of life is ceaseless climb litre, "Shanghai international heat preservation is exhibited " consequence is shown gradually, got the height of industry business takes seriously, 7 years very much old client expands in succession exhibit an area, rise exhibit decorate a level; Numerous new client also does not miss good opportunity, eagerly ginseng signing up is exhibited. Extend the requirement of business to satisfy broad ginseng, "HSIM 2008 exhibition of heat preservation of the 6th China International " will in November 2008 26-28 day continues to be in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center is held ceremoniously. Be sure to attract more insulation material manufacturer that come from world each district again, buy the home and professional audience.
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