Egypt international chemical industry reached medical exhibition 2008 (EICS)
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Cloth exhibits time 2008-11-15 2008-11-16
Exhibit time 2008-11-16 2008-11-18
Remove exhibit time 2008-11-18 2008-11-19
Establish time 2008-11-16
Seat area is other Africa
Can exhibit center of conference of international of place Egypt Caire a house
Sponsor unit Perfect Trade Company For International Exhibitions
Undertake unit Beijing country sends culture communication limited company
Assist run an unit
Exhibit meeting cycle two years
What belong to industry chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection
Can exhibit a description Egypt medicine and essence refined labour exhibition 2008 (EICS)
Extend meeting time: On November 16, 2008, 18 days
Exhibit meeting site: Center of conference of Egypt Caire international a house
The exhibition is periodic: Two years
Sponsor an unit: Perfect Trade Company For International Exhibitions
Postpone meeting introduction:
EICS is exhibited can be Egypt inside industry of careful chemical industry of influential force exhibit one of meetings, in former years is exhibited can attract ginseng of enterprise of numerous home international to exhibit, outside removing company of medicine of Egypt this locality, come from chief of a tribe of couplet of England, Belgian, Holand, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, south Africa, United States, Turkey, Singapore, Iran, India, A to wait for more than 10 countries and area, china still does not have an enterprise to direct ginseng is exhibited or look around up to now. In EICS 2006 year exhibit on the meeting, no matter you serve as,joining is an audience, you will gain the opportunity that has communicating face-to-face with the professional personage that comes from the enterprise of medical chemical industry that waits for country and area at North Africa, middle east, Europe, EICS will build commerce platform to develop Egypt and North Africa market.
Egypt market:
Egypt ground is crossed inferior, be not two continent, land area kilometer of 1.002 million square, it is the important country of Mediterranean area, because of its fundamental situation becomes the main source that this region economy grows.
Egypt has medicine to produce an enterprise to make an appointment with 80, among them the company with bigger dimensions is controlled about 35 times, the product sells the country such as past Africa, it is the drug production country with North Africa and middle east the biggest area. Product of careful chemical industry produces an enterprise to make an appointment with 140, chemical market potential is tremendous. Egypt not producer goods medicine and intermediate body, major support is imported from Europe, United States and Asian area, in recent years, more and more Egypt medicine enterprises hope can from far east area, more raw material medicine are bought with the body intermediate and act as agent from Chinese entrance for example sale. At present Egypt home lacks pharmacy machinery and the manufacturing company of the equipment that pack, need the Chinese product of cheap of qualitative actor price in order to satisfy production in great quantities.
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