Stuff of 2008 international film and technical equipment (Shenzhen) exhibit
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Begin time: 2008-11-12 ends time: 2008-11-14
Place: Shenzhen can exhibit a center
Dimensions: 400 are exhibited
Limits of item on display: FILMEXPO base oneself upon at filmy domain, film of with a view to applies and make velar technology, show cable length of filmy and relevant industry in the round. Meanwhile, use key trade in the light of film, include to pack presswork, electrician of electron, electric equipment, photoelectricity, car, home appliance, chemical industry, food, medical treatment, commodity establish key industry to invite audience ginseng to meet, outstanding professional the comprehensive promotion that promotion of exhibition commerce collaboration, brand, product shows perfect couple, make filmy industry with all one's strength one-stop purchase platform. One, [exhibit meeting date and place] 1, cloth extends time: Came 11 days on November 10, 2008 3, remove extend time: On November 14, 2008 afternoon at 2 o'clock 2, show time: Came 14 days on November 12, 2008 4, exhibit meeting site: Shenzhen can exhibit a center 2, [exhibition limits] A. Filmy material reachs chemical product: Of all kinds and filmy material reachs his final finished product, include filmy production to use raw material and chemical product. B. Filmy technology equipment kind: Filmy and relevant production equipment and relevant control system, measure testing instrument to wait.
Contact: Shi Wanying
Phone: 020-32205706
Fax: 020-32205706
Address: Guangzhou the Milky way
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Be in an area: Guangdong
What belong to an industry: Other