The 4th 2008 China (Shanghai) the wall outside international (outside heat prese
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The 3rd outside wall heat preservation is exhibited in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center concludes satisfactorily, current exhibit can attract nearly 500 ginseng that come from 19 countries such as the United States, Germany, England, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore and chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and area to exhibit business ginseng to exhibit item on display to attend reveal. Exhibition area amounts to 11500m² ;

Come from an industry domestic and international well-known company held 21 technologies seminar, audience explodes full, honored guest and audience are very satisfactory;
By a definite date of previous term or session in exhibition of 3 days, 78% exhibited business to reach a representative / cent sells an agreement, 85 exhibited business to book 2008 exhibit meeting, 90% exhibit business to express satisfaction to audience number, 89% exhibit business to express satisfaction to audience quality, 98% exhibit business to express satisfaction to sponsorring the field service of the unit; Enter industry of the wall outside exhibiting business to think should be being exhibited can be consistently annual cannot one of absent grand meeting;

Shanghai is located in Chinese economy to develop the most driving Hua Dong area, rise abruptly increasingly become the Asia's new banking center and mart. This area is the market that at present home has radiant emitance most, it is the important window that has commercial communication domestic and internationally, it is international goods and materials purchases a center, it is the concentration that the enterprise extends a product related numerous building and urban construction the ground. "The 4th 2008 China (Shanghai) system of the wall outside international and construction technology exhibition " will be a renown look forward to and the grand meeting of renown look forward to, one shows the arena of company image, wear the bridge that has an enterprise and user.
Relevant activity

Exhibit the participation of the authority of the meeting and professional personage to expand, exhibit constituent unit will invite industry authority personage during the meeting the development trend with respect to industry of the wall outside our country and market demand and new technology hold seminar of relevant high level.

The exhibition sponsors an unit to invite domestic and international famous manufacturer to organize academic report, technology communication to meet during the meeting, in order to begin communication of trade of international technology, classics, product of conduct propaganda, introduction. Each unit can apply for to hold to constituent unit, communicate a theme surely oneself please.

Exhibit meeting general view
Show time: 26-28 day showed a location in November 2008: Shanghai new international reads extensively center (Long Yang road 2345) W1-W5
Sponsor an unit: Association of adiabatic deadening of China of branch of material of Chinese bldg. association
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