Exhibition of Indian international chemical industry
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Extend meeting time: 2008-11 exhibits meeting site: Asia / Oceanian / Indian Bombay
The exhibition is periodic: 2 years / showpiece industry: Chemical industry
Extend meeting scope: Square metre; 255 ginseng exhibit Trade fair network address:

Limits of item on display:
1.Chemical industry exhibits an area, include agricultural chemical product, pesticide and chemical fertilizer, careful product of product, fundamental chemical industry, dye and dye, coating and paint, soap and scour, as clean as special type chemical industry technology, treatment of three wastes
2.Medicine exhibits an area, include medicaments and preparation, acridine, medicine facilities of production of intermediate body, auxiliary, medicine and biology technology, medicine, lab equipment and instrument, package machine
3.Petrifaction exhibits an area, include petrochemicals, plastic, polymer, elastomer, chemical industry among intermediate body, fiber body, synthetic fibre
4.Machinery and equipment exhibit an area, include chemical machinery and equipment, plastic machinery, control and automation system, environmental protection and contaminative control, filter with appearance of separate system, pump and a powerful person, instrument
Postpone meeting introduction:
Sponsor an unit:
Indian government chemical industry and petrochemical ministry
Indian labor chamber of commerce is allied

In exhibition of chemical industry of 2005 India international, 255 many enterprises attended to exhibit this, among them 107 come from 16 countries such as the United States, England, China, Japan, Germany.

Come from 60 many countries, exceed 18, 000 audience looked around to was exhibited 2005 meeting. Scale is unprecedented.