2008 China (Fujian) international is plastic rubber industry exhibition
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Ginseng extend date: 2008-11-13 ~ 2008-11-15
Periodic: Annual
Establish date: 2008/1/1
Ginseng exhibit the ground (the) that exhibit a house: 2008 China (Fujian) international is plastic rubber industry exhibition
Exhibit house address: Fuzhou international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit: Joint Industry Conference of Fujian Province machinery
Undertake unit: Century business affairs is exhibited to show limited company in Xiamen city
Support media: Machinery of net of net of business of Chinese machine tool, tool of Chinese machine tool, China mechanically-laid web, China can exhibit net of mould of net of machine tool of mechanically-laid web of net, China, whole world, China, Hui Cong machine tool of website of machinery of net of machine tool net, Chinese machine tool, international, China purchases net, machine tool Huang Ye, ; China, country opens the door plastic mechanically-laid web of net of chemical business affairs, China, get together plastic and online, China notes wind model machine network, China is plastic and online net, China is plastic extruder net

Postpone meeting brief introduction
The Fujian Province published a series of measure, upgrade with driving industrial structure to optimize, elevate equipment manufacturing industry the overall level of development. Come on stage early or late " a certain number of opinions that accelerate me to save equipment manufacturing industry to develop " , " priority discipline of industry technology innovation is oriented 2007 catalog " wait for a file, equip to this province from policy the innovation development of manufacturing industry undertakes giving aid to. The Fujian Province already had labour of southern region aircraft, Jin Long, mansion, dragon labour to wait for a batch of brands that have stronger competition ability in home. The Fujian Province will be passed expand the advantage industry such as machine of electronic communication equipment, project, car, shipping, electrical engineering electric equipment, the basic equipment industry such as equipment of development base equipment, component and agricultural machinery, environmental protection, breed spin, building materials, pack, the industry such as treatment of plastic, shoemaking, food equips, the equipment that forms a batch to have own intellectual property makes group of a certain number of enterprise, industry of equipment manufacturing industry that have characteristic and famous brand.
Development of Fujian manufacturing industry is swift and violent, grow day and day to the demand of industry of machining, plastic rubber, market prospect is capacious. 7 years implementation gross value of industrial output exceeds 1.42 trillion yuan, grow 20% ; Industrial stress enrols business project 78, total investment makes an appointment with 65.2 billion yuan. The Fujian Province is active triangle of butt joint bead, long triangle and carry on Taiwan region manufacturing industry, accelerate introduce the industry such as Taiwan electron information, machinery. Sufficient play uses existing electron, make the dominant industry such as the machinery that give priority to, spin with car and fittings drive effect, exert oneself builds base of manufacturing industry of base of Information Industry of national level electron, mechanical equipment. 2010 electronic information, make the machinery that give priority to, spin with car and fittings production value of group of industry of 3 big pillar amounts to 130 billion yuan respectively, 100 billion yuan mix 50 billion yuan, production value of property of 3 big pillar occupies the 65% above of dimensions above gross value of industrial output.
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