Exhibition of balata of Muscovite international model
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Extend meeting time: 2008-11 exhibits meeting site: Europe / Russia is Muscovite
The exhibition is periodic: 1 year / showpiece industry: Plastic
Extend meeting scope: 6733 square metre; 226 ginseng exhibit Trade fair network address: Http://www.showguide.cn

Limits of item on display:
Plastic and mechanical; Mould and accessory; Plastic material (synthetic resin, get together fine of amine fat, Bo) ; Raw material and auxiliary material (activator, pigment) ; Machine craft; Process a product (finished product, semi-manufactured goods, the product that includes to be made by secondary material) ; Detect and control device

Postpone meeting introduction:
Exhibition of balata of Muscovite international model is one of plastic industry exhibition with famous Russia, annual, held 7 already successfully. Should be being exhibited can be understanding Russia the window of polymeric market current situation, it is the channel that the expert gathers trade information, it is to buy the home and the ideal terrace that sell domestic communication. 2006 exhibit on the meeting, 226 ginseng that come from 18 countries such as Germany, Hungarian, China, Korea, Thailand, Finnish, Japan exhibit business ginseng, attracted 8, 500 audiences are present look around, exhibit an area to amount to 6, 733 square metre. The data after the basis is exhibited shows, the field is made in the audience, general manager is occupied 35% , the technologist is occupied 28% , the manager is occupied 23% . In respect of item on display, 46% for equipment, 27% for the mould, 12% for peripheral equipment, 21% for raw material and colophony, 19% pledge for polymer. The exhibition of machinery of balata of Muscovite international model 2008 will be held at exhibiting a center at Krasnaya Presnya November, my department will offer all advantageous ginseng to extend a requirement for you, develop market of Russia model balata jointly.
[the market is analysed]
Before Ceng Yi spends the rubber industry of Russia period brilliant, it is under the cooperation with the Eastern European country, rubber industry becomes a system oneself, produce all sorts of rubber product, equipment and a variety of raw material outside dividing natural balata. It is with tire exemple, before advanced Russia disintegrate, churchyard shares plant of 17 large tire, year manufacturing tire 73 million. But after Russia disintegrate, because suffer the effect of condition of politics, economy, negative growth is before 1995, begin to have a bit from 1995 restore, but still reach the level previously hard. Russia still has plant of 11 big tire now, produce per year tire 28 million, tire of line of its neutron midday is being multiplied 65%-70% is occupied in using a fetus, occupy in carring capacity embryo 55% . Because suffer the effect of geographical condition and history, russia rubber industry basically uses synthetic rubber, and it is for the most part homeland or alone couplet system nation produces, natural balata is not occupied only 20% . The level of synthetic rubber production of Russia is very high, quality is good, the price also has an advantage, balata of balata, common like the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem of butadiene styrene rubber, different butyl is very famous on the international market, annual exit amount is very large also. Russian rubber industry has a characteristic each in, the advantage is complementary, in classics trade cooperative respect is well worth doing. Chinese rubber industry should leave the market of Russia of great strength start, still can begin through Russia especially with alone the classics trade of couplet body and Eastern European country cooperates. Although Russia just anabiosises from inside financial crisis, the market also has a lot of non-standard place, but the dimensions of its market is more and more Euramerican countries, Japan and Korea company place to value with growing sex, so, chinese rubber industry should enter this market as soon as possible.
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