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Meritorious service of data of new-style chemical industry cannot do not have tr
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Aerospace is the 2nd home in human dream not only, also be the mankind the large lab of new and high technology. In divine boat in 7 manned space flight, chinese astronaut gives cabin activity to make the central point that people pays close attention to first. In having representative high-tech project most this now, meritorious service of data of new-style chemical industry cannot be done not have.

Those who give cabin to take is special " prevent bask in frost " : Rice of high-powered fiber accept is compound coating

Ensuring astronaut life safety is tailor-made the first class major issue that gives cabin to take, and aerospace condition and earthly environment are in the respect such as extremely radiation, high low temperature is having huge difference, and the assault that astronaut still may suffer a shooting star. Be like ultraviolet intensity, 10000 times inside cabin is outside cabin. So, astronaut gives cabin to take is not much besmear absolutely a few " prevent bask in frost " problem. Stem from need of job giving cabin, astronaut must provide more communication, defend, life health care a variety of equipment, give cabin to take so want not only light, and safeguard must be perfected.

Outer defend material is development " god 7 " one of titles of 9 a lecture given to a large number of students that astronaut gives cabin to take, university expert expresses the Dong Hua that assumes this research job, astronaut gives cabin to take outer defend material used high-powered fiber, namely powder of metal of rice of accept of + of high polymer matrix is compound coating. This material satisfied labour giving cabin to make the ternary demand of mechanical to material, hot optics, wear, for " god 7 " space navigation is taken outer material is made offerred strong prop up. Not only it is safety performance had very big rise, with " god 5 " , " god 6 " the space navigation that astronaut place wears takes photograph comparing, "God 7 " give cabin to take outer view and change gently character went up to also have very big improve.

Be able to bear or endure " barbecue " glove: Film of polyester of fragrant black silk ribbon

After astronaut crosses a port, be in the place that sun illuminate reachs, the high temperature that should experience 100 ℃ above " barbecue " . In such environment, the spacefarer should finish maintenance, assemble and unassemble, change or reclaim the job of the peripheral equipment of spacecraft and spacecraft. And give cabin to take besides giving cabin to enter astrospace activity to provide safeguard and supportive system for astronaut, return the need that must satisfy astronaut to work outside cabin.

According to introducing, the glove of astronaut asks can grab - the object of 130 ℃ of 130 ℃ ~ , grab retention period at least 40 seconds. For this, the glove that wants requirement of contented and opposite agile operation is returned must the test that can undergo extremely high low temperature.
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