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The refine that press down the sea changes polypropylene device to grow record o
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Up to on September 24, the refine that press down the sea changes branch polypropylene device to had moved 510 days continuously, refresh device long cycle runs new record, maintained banner level of home.

The Chemical Industry Department builds proceed with of 3 big factors from craft, equipment management and team style, severe catch canaliculus, the stability that pays good polypropylene unit moves to be produced with high load capacity. They are operated with normative craft, firm catchs working discipline to enter a place to cut, begin standard of day of check, week check and hillock check system actively to check, raise duty standard, normative operating sequence, get used to the change of producer type. In the meantime, begin a technology actively to tackle key problem activity, eliminate the bottleneck that device produces, optimize operating mode ceaselessly. Through solving activator metric system is easy cause by accident reactor of operation, annulus canal removes hot difficulty, annulus to provide a material not free, propylene is close to rated discharge, propylene to reclaim circularly into makings pump a tall, wind volatilizes to send a system to move in makings of compressor full load, pink flabby, ensure of device how, firm, long move. On equipment management, protect a group especially through establishing facility, wait for crucial equipment to undertake be protectinged especially to axial-flow pump, extruder mainly, set the requirement that runs smoothly fully in order to obtain contented high load capacity, tall slashing condition. In addition, through beginning " to keep unit long cycle moves, close to the 2nd polypropylene grooms the labor contest of " , arouse the technology, enthusiasm that operates staff study technical ability, the working passion that arouses a worker to be operated screen of check of careful make one's rounds, serious make one's rounds, meticulously and responsibility heart, regular the ground begins worker technical ability to study the post training activity such as the group, use interactive promote, deepness is collected talk, summary thinks over, experience is shared wait for means, a few day-to-day operations that long to affecting unit cycle runs, accident beforehand case undertake iteration drilling, promotion station staff handles the ability of sudden accident, walk on function force generally what promote administrator and skill operation the team, for device long cycle moves escort the Emperor convoy.