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Does coating shedding change is the importance of function reflected where?
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Stream change learning is the flow that is aimed at an object and the research course that are out of shape place spreads out. The painty choice in coating recipe, shedding denaturation can be an all in all index. Say simply, of the change coating that dye adds coating radical to expect the lieutenant general is inevitable stream become characteristic.

The index with reflective shedding the can most commonly used denaturation is the viscosity of painting system. When painting system flows, pass viscosity, we understand the change of fluid happening very easily. If be the fluid that can flow below the outside force with small random, the cutting that adds at the same time the size of stress (the power that place of the fluid on unit area gets) the speed gradient with the fluid (D) (also be weighed to cut rate, namely the change that the fluid accepts two to shed the speed between body to follow the position after force is led) into direct ratio, we say for Newtonian fluid.

By nature, viscosity is a kind of nature that the fluid defies flow, it is the measurement that be attracted each other between fluid element and ability moves relatively between the block up element of generation, namely the internal resistance that the fluid flows. And the ratio of the shear stress in Newtonian fluid and speed gradient D is changeless. This ratio is called liquid viscosity coefficient, abbreviation viscosity. Have another kind of fluid however, deviated from afore-mentioned scale concerns, the non Newton fluid that be called. Cent of non Newton fluid is plasticity fluid, touch metamorphic fluid, false plasticity fluid, the different type such as expansile fluid.

When the master piece outside getting when a kind of fluid is used, do not begin flow instantly. The muscularity outside adding only begins flow to the ability when some degree. The least shear stress that the fluid begins place of going from place to place to need is called to succumb value. This kind of fluid is called to belong to the plasticity fluid of non Newton fluid. Viscosity already cannot suffer at place independently besides shear stress and keep changeless. Present complex variation as the change that cuts rate however. Substantially says, as the rise that cuts rate, viscosity often can drop. Normally the explanation is the internal composition that shearing force destroyed painting system. Below great majority circumstance, once shearing force disappears, the structure of painting system will restore. Character of this kind of fluid has very great real sense in coating industry, can guide this kind of characteristic auxiliary is called touch change agent. This kind of fluid is called touch metamorphic fluid.

When cutting stress to reach fair value, the liquid begins flow suddenly, in low in shearing force action falls to present Newtonian fluid character basically, below action of tall shearing force, viscosity is called along with the fluid that cut rate to increase and drops false plasticity fluid. Viscosity is called along with the fluid that cut rate to increase and increases expansile fluid, also say to cut wind shear stiff fluid. Below shearing force action, the fluid will become very quickly cannot move, form similar rigid structure. Spread the dispersive level that denaturation can produce to coating, coating storage phase and construction phase have very great sense.
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