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Polyester device resumes production ceaselessly
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House of rate of polyester unit go into operation does not fall high, contradiction of supply and demand has the tendency of farther aggravation in later period, to filament prices will emerge huge impact.

Although the inventory pressure of polyester factory exists all the time, but below the market environment that is in China, the production of the enterprise and stop production often are not however said to calculate by the market, the polyester works that resembles there are many early days stop productions recently falls in such and such pressure begin to resume production. The Shanghai couplet auspicious that jockeys like early days the middle ten days of a month restored device of a short towing tie of 100 thousand tons of polyester to produce in September; The job that the Hainan that the overhaul jockeys at the beginning of September in the meantime fills a bottle of 240 thousand tons of polyester piece device also warms up afresh restart; A when carry on promotes far east to remove and jockey because of workshop 200 thousand tons of polymerization spin filament device to already also resumed production; Fujian 100 grand 2 period 200 thousand tons of polyester spin filament device before Yu Guoqing a few days to be cast formally makings; Additional flame retardant the carry on below group division begins expedition a device of 80 thousand tons of polyester resumed production smoothly also. Resume production be polyester device on one hand ceaselessly, it is the ceaseless atrophy of downstream demand on one hand, contradiction of supply and demand is faced with aggravation necessarily in later period, the negative effect that its produce to prices place will be tremendous.