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Petrifaction industry: PVC PTA of short duration rebounds polyester product drop
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American fuel demand is in the lowermost level since 2001, the market fears the plan helping city of American government can't save American economy, last week (on October 3) NYMEX pledges price of crude oil futures falls defeat considerably gently 12.2% to 93.88 dollars / bucket, the steam derv price of Asia, Europe and North America also appeared 10% right-and-left dropping.

Although the crude oil before the section rises in price, but as a result of downstream demand as before depressed, refine factory stock is more expensive still, market of pure benzene of home of a week before the section, xylene continues low fan. Value of market of each district pure benzene drops generally 300 yuan / ton above, 26 days of Qilushi change quote to drop 400 yuan / ton reach 8400 yuan / ton. Price of downstream product aniline also has 200 yuan / ton drop. And the support that gets price of Zhou Chu crude to go up greatly, price of the PTA before the section appears for a time rebound, but hind suffer demand be a burden on, strength of second half week is answered weak, market of 26 days of Hua Dong quotes relatively before go up 250 yuan / ton reach 7150 yuan / ton.

Price of the methanol before the section continues to drop. Occurrence fall after a rise of upriver coal price, and the market supports pessimistic attitude to the busy season prices of formaldehyde of downstream and main product, the price still is in the downstream product such as 2 armour aether to glide further. Market price of methanol of 26 days of each district reduces 100 yuan in succession / or so tons, its Zhongshan Dong Luna leaves factory quote drops 250 yuan / ton reach 3200 yuan / ton. The start working rate of ester of acid of downstream product chloric second, acetic acid has no acetic acid to rise apparently, product value also glides further, before part of price of each district glacial acetic acid drop generally 100 yuan / ton, among them price of Hua Dong area falls to 4800 yuan / ton.

The market of the PVC at the beginning of week of a week before the section becomes friendship condition to improve somewhat, trafficker and manufacturer are intended drive up quote, the part is downstream manufacturer is purchased into city for National Day stock up. But to below half weeks of atmosphere apparent already fall after a rise, market of Hua Dong of PVC of law of 26 days of calcium carbide quotes relatively before a week rises 40 yuan / ton reach 6790 yuan / ton. The market thinks a lot of care of can of the city after abate, PVC, trafficker mix estate requirement desire of goods of firm division tilting back ward is stronger. Price of upriver calcium carbide is propped up as a result of manufacturer reduction of output and cost, the price did not happen to change considerably, among them Neimengwu drops factory price of sea calcium carbide is small 50 yuan / ton reach 3600 yuan / ton.

Busy season not flourishing, because get global economy big environment is low confused impact, industry of downstream bubble cotton runs start working state still not beautiful, defeat falls considerably before TDI price part, value of Hua Dong market falls to 31000 yuan / or so tons. BDO market also goes small because of prices of PU industry get warm again after a cold spell still was not shown and continueing downstream, market of the Hua Dong before the section quotes 15000 yuan / ton. PTMEG market value suffers the business that manage money to cover reach the market now low confused impact begins to present downtrend. PO market value is stabilized somewhat after issueing defeat considerably this month, and hard bubble gets together the ether abidance as a result of downstream demand is low fan, its price continues to show glide posture, market price of 26 days of Hua Dong drops to respectively 12500 yuan / ton mix 12000 yuan / ton.
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