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Base pay of next year Vietnam goes up again 12% shoes look forward to how migrat
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Vietnam inflation is serious, local labor goes on strike again and again strive for raises, a lot of Taiwan businessmen compensation cost grows since this year exceed 2 to become. Vietnam government will announce to rise next year, base pay will go up again 12% , amount to aegis of 1.2 million Vietnam, anticipation gains profit what compress a Taiwan businessman further space.

In Taiwan businessman textile, include the spin austral the stage (1440) , Confucianism grand (1476) and year promote (1451) go up twice early or late this year salary, average range uprights at 17% to 30% . Produce sewing machine extend promote (the 100 million peaceful of cable of 1558) , wire (1616) , the raises extent of heretofore also amounts to 20% above this year.

In addition, the unity of food industry (1216) coverts through allowance raises, stage candy also enlarges raises extent this year, beforehand the year that appraise had in October moves firewood, will make the same score by in former years even year 3% to 5% , raise 10% above considerably.

Vietnam stage chamber of commerce grows Li Tian 7 express, taiwan businessman substantially raises, all course of study person the pressure that faces cost to soar, among them the employee number with wooden industry, shoe line of business go up at every turn 10 thousand people, raises is the biggest to these manufacturer concussion. In addition, vietnam labor asks through going on strike the incident of raises emerges in endlessly, with local labour force apparent inadequacy also has affinity.

Vietnam labor only 7 million person, because foreign capital is grabbed,enter set a plant, the company number that invests toward Vietnam before already amounted to more than 20 thousand, average the labor number that even home can employ, also reduce 350 people the following.

Li Tian 7 say: "Now is Bilaibi goes, of the developing zone into take factory, shoe factory to wait, one sticks hired a brief informal note in the doorway, the attune on the horse next door rises in price case follow-up. " . The Taiwan businessman grabs labour in Vietnam quite intense, what also let worker pay go up is faster, the enterprise with concentrated labor, had not suited to arrive again now Vietnam.

According to statistic, the prices of the people's livelihood of heretofore Vietnam rises this year more than 20% , cause shrink of labor essence earning, the strike of Vietnam asks the incident of raises is as high as 500 to reach 600 first half of the year, chase after smooth last year the level of annual.

Li Tian 7 say, "Of this or newspaper stock proposal, the more of the equipment that do not have a newspaper " . Vietnam labor department disclosed recently, will be in formal on October 10 announcement, the lowermost base pay of Vietnam whole nation, raise aegis of 1.2 million Vietnam by aegis of active about 1 million Vietnam, because both sides is cognitive to the definition of base pay different, the impact to the Taiwan businessman will be next bigger.
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