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Produce per year county of seaside of settle of fire retardant of 5000 tons of e
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Recently, from seaside economy developing zone coastal industry garden transmits good news: Assemble grand international group by group of Jiangsu gold 昉 and Jiangsu Inc. of homebred imports and exports invests the Jiangsu that hold water to collect limited company of Hong Jinpu chemical industry to hold water formally jointly, first personnel already was garrisoned coastal industry garden. This mark is worn always invest 380 million yuan, produce per year first phase project of project of fire retardant of 5000 tons of environmental protection to be started formally already.

Jiangsu assembles grand international group Inc. of homebred imports and exports, it is Jiangsu collects grand international group to accuse subsidiary. Jiangsu assembles grand international group is 500 strong companies of Chinese, the province belongs to group of industry of large foreign trade, capital total 5 billion yuan, year sales revenue exceeds one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan. In recent years, increase of actual strength of group of 昉 of the development space with coastal industry good garden, gold ceaselessly, and my county the favourable policy of capital attraction, attracted deeply collect grand limited company of homebred imports and exports. Consult through making an on-the-spot investigation, collect grand decision of limited company of homebred imports and exports and golden 昉 group cooperate hand in hand, come bank investment does poineering work.

It is reported, the DOPO breed in product of environmental protection fire retardant demands exceeds supply all the time, year market breach 5000 tons of above. Current, the business that can produce this product is Japan one, home two, development perspective is wide. This ' golden 昉 ' and ' collect grand ' cooperative project will be divided period construction, first phase project invests 80 million yuan, produce can 2000 tons, sell 200 million yuan, annual interest duty 40 million yuan. 2 period the project invests 150 million yuan, produce can 5000 tons, sell 500 million yuan, annual interest duty 100 million yuan. 3 period the project is project of new material of the acid that wrap ammonia and environmental protection, invest 150 million yuan. After whole project put into production amounts to effect, in expand further golden 昉 actual strength while, also make the rapid progress that is my county economy larger contribution.