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The relation of Taiwan enterprise reappraise and mainland
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The fair of industry of rubber of model of 2008 Taipei international that although be south Taipei world trade centre,harbor exhibition holds (TaipeiPlas) brightly lit of fire of light the lamp, but the huge shadow that still can feel chinese mainland competitor is overhand.

As cross-strait cost rise quickly, a lot of Taiwan enterprises begin to examine the impact of they and chinese mainland afresh, the market with mainland since the biggest Taiwan, also be the most formidable competitor.

In the past, what the mainland produces is cheap the profit space that the machine weakened the Taiwan company with manufacturing higher cost. But, as mainland cost rise and of the RMB appreciate, taiwan enterprise is in the mainland the sale on this one the biggest market also slides somewhat.

The sale director JasonTieh of plastic and mechanical Inc. says triumphant beauty: "The competition that comes from chinese mainland controlled the development of many Taiwan enterprises. Although us the expression this year flatly, but already was done well actually. But already was done well actually..

Come for years, the competition of continent industry forces Taiwan person of the same trade to change original sale tactics, turn and reinstate new technology, it is change production centre of gravity even. For instance, after the competition of chinese mainland affects his to sell, inc. of shake 锠 plastic machinery plant must change centre of gravity to monofilament from the machine that blow film.

The TonyWang that comes from shake 锠 to export a branch says: "Once China produces business to be in important place, the competition of the market that blow film will become unusually intense. The competition of the market that blow film will become unusually intense..

Although the competition of chinese mainland may weaken the profit that Taiwan travels together, but the giant consumption of Chinese market conduces to Taiwan enterprise building a position. Because dimensions of the market inside the island is lesser, because this Taiwan is opposite,the client with thither channel has very big dependence. The statistical number according to consortium of a person of same business of industry of Taiwan area machine shows, 2008 first half of the year, hong Kong and chinese mainland occupy Taiwan 30% what plastic business whole world sells. Before a few years of this one proportion is higher even.

Phoenix write down CharlesWei of vice-president of international machinery Inc. to say, the mainland and Hong Kong place are occupied proportional drop -- although Taiwan enterprise begins,develop the whole world other market is one part reason -- also mirror a Chinese cost to rise Chinese influence.

Wei says, after the government publishs the new revenue system with higher cost, phoenix the compensation cost that note rose about 20 - 30% .

Taiwan equipment produces an enterprise to reject to publish their financial detailed information, but some controller say below illicit, they anticipate the sale will drop significantly, will compare even below some circumstances go up year of pelter 30% .
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