Sand is special demesne the company builds plant of ester of different cyanic ac
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3 sand are special demesne the group already was in together the plant of ester of different cyanic acid that the Yanbu with special sand builds a 800 million dollar. The investment international chamber of commerce that is located in sand spy Jeddah is building this plant with Sara holding company and Midroc company partnership, mohamed O Bafarat of manager of development department of business of petrifaction of investment international chamber of commerce tells a reporter, the first phase will produce this device above all methylene of 50 thousand T/a is right 2 inferior ester of phenyl different cyanic acid (MDI) with toluene ester of 2 different cyanic acid (TDI) . The first phase is finishing need to invest 500 million dollar, plan to was finished 2010. The 2nd phase will make MDI and TDI are produced can double, plan and 2012 put into production. Division get together inferior engineering company will provide technology, earlier stage - final engineering design, and detailed project blueprint, be in charge of building by company of sand spy home. Division get together inferior the company is held in this project 5% , the others share is equational be in company of 3 sand spy. Bafarat says: "Because forethought has raw material to supply here,investing business to choose to build plant in Yanbu is. " the benzene that serves as raw material at present and toluene come from far east. This project needs benzene of 32 thousand T/a and toluene.